CM-5018 FLEX Crown Molding
CM-5018 FLEX Crown Molding CM-5018-FLEX
15" FLEX Crown Molding
9.9" H x 10.6" W
Sold by the linear foot
Commonly used with 14'+ Ceilings
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Imagine, an architectural molding that flexes to fit radius contours and shapes. This hand-molded, hard yet flexible, high-density space age polymer resin can do exactly that.

FLEX radius molding truly performs better than real wood. It will not deteriorate like real wood, there are virtually no seams to crack, and it will not swell or rot; it has the beauty of real wood and can be finished virtually the same. FLEX is fast. It is shipped rolled up in a compact box and installation is a snap. Use nails or glue the same way you would with wood molding.

Minimum Radius 45"

How flexible is it?

The flexibility of the molding pattern depends upon several factors. Pattern size, shape, material type and application all determine the flexibility limits of a given pattern. The smaller the molding the more flexible it will be.

Moldings that are thinner in one dimension than the other will bend easily in the direction of the lesser dimension. This is why Base Moldings usually require no pre-curving while the same size Casing, bent on edge, must be pre-curved to fit the opening.

Some applications consisting of a single large radius may be accommodated using a straight flexible length without pre-curving. Smaller curves, irregular shapes and compound radius applications will usually require pre-curving at the factory.

Because Crown and Cornice moldings are installed at an angle, they must bend on both the edge and back of the profile (which constitutes a compound radius). Because of the compound radius the profiles must be pre-curved.

All Sales Final

Every order of our flex molding is customized to the specifications of our customers needs. Though we are exciting about having this ability to adapt the products to the sizes and bends that are requested, it does mean that returns for the molding are not permitted. Please be absolutely sure of the product and its use before deciding to purchase and feel free to contact our Customer Service staff for any questions. A check-box above will be required to mark to verify the understanding that no returns will be accepted for this product


How do I stain it?

Staining FLEXs is similar to staining wood. Most stains work well however, use of thicker heavily pigmented stains is recommended. Thinner stains may require multiple coats. Staining flexible moldings prior to installation is not recommended as the stain may crack when the molding is flexed.

  • Before Painting or staining be sure the material is clean and free of dirt and oils. Clean with paint thinner or soap and water if needed.
  • Mask off any adjacent non-stain areas.
  • Apply the stain with a brush covering the entire surface of the material, especially in any deep grooves or crevices that may exist.
  • Wipe off majority of excess stain with a soft, clean, dry rag.
  • Wipe off remaining excess stain with a brush.
  • Clear coat with lacquer, polyurethane or varnish using spray equipment. Applying clear coats with a brush may remove stain.

How do I paint it?

Painting FLEX is easier than painting wood. FLEX molding require no priming or sanding prior to painting. Painting flexible moldings prior to installation is not recommended as the paint may crack when the molding is flexed.

  • Before Painting or staining be sure the material is clean and free of dirt and oils. Clean with paint thinner or soap and water if needed.
  • Fill and sand all nail or screw holes.
  • Mask off any adjacent areas. Priming prior to painting will improve finish luster but is not required.
  • Apply the paint with a brush or spray equipment covering the entire surface of the material, especially in any deep grooves or crevices that may exist.
  • Add additional coats as desired.

How do I fasten it?

Pre-determine placement and layout prior to fastening molding into place. Use of construction adhesive in addition to nails or screws is recommended due to the flexible nature of the material. Failure to adequately adhere flexible molding may result in sags between fastening points. All standard methods of fastening work well with FLEX flexible moldings.

How do I cut it?

FLEX may be cut using the same tools and equipment and in the same manner as wood. Before cutting to length, make sure the material is held firmly against the saw table or fence. Place a backing (such as a piece of wood) directly behind the cutting area. Always cut the material a little long and shave to exact length.

When ripping FLEX on a table saw make sure the material will stay firmly against the fence during the cut and that it can be fed easily and continuously.

Can I use it outside?

FLEX is not affected by salt, moisture, heat or extreme cold.

What is it made of?

FLEX is the state of the art in flexible molding technology. No other flexible molding is stronger, more durable or stains up better than FLEX. FLEX is an elastomer composite developed for the most demanding applications. Use FLEX for small intricate patterns and tight curvatures or when only the best will do.

Below is a worksheet for your mesurements. You will need to fill out the information on the sheet before ordering. If you have any questions give us a call at 800-419-1130.

Once you have filled out the sheet and know how many linear feet you need, add a little for the end cuts and round up to the nearest foot. The FLEX is sold by the linear foot. Enter the total in the quantity box and place your order. At the end of the order process your order number will be displayed. Enter your order number on the work sheet then email or fax it to us.

Fax: 661-616-4019

In Crown Applications it's important to state which way the curve of your application bends.?ISR?(inside radius) or?OSR?(outside radius).

ISR?- (concave) imagine trimming inside of a barrel.
OSR?- (convex) imagine trimming outside of a barrel.


Fax to 661-616-4019 or email to

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CM-5018 Crown Molding
15" Crown Molding
9.9'' H x 10.6'' W x 96'' Long
Commonly used with 14'+ Ceilings
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