MLD-184 - (Stainable Resin)
MLD-184 - (Stainable Resin)MLD-184
Stainable Resin
120" L x 4" H x 1 3/4" D
Delivery Time: 5-14 Business Days
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Product Description

Material Description

These pieces are composed of a Maple Hardwood and resin. Once stained, they have the beautiful finish that you would get from a wood molding.

Check out some of the completed installation photos by clicking on the link below... and be prepared to be impressed!  These resin moldings are fully stainable (or painted/faux finished), and are cast from actual wood carvings so they retain a natural wood-grain look. They are composed of heavy-duty polymers to give you all the beauty of a stained wood finish at half the cost of carved wood. Ande, unlike natural wood, cast resins will not absorb moisture, dry out, crack, rot, warp, and are impervious to insects.


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Stainable Resin
120" L x 4" H x 1 3/4" D
Delivery Time: 5-14 Business Days
Crown Molding: What is Breadth, Height, and Width?

Breadth - the distance between the outer contact point with the ceiling to the bottom contact point with the wall (the hypotenuse of the right triangle whose legs are the width and the height).

Height - the distance between the ceiling and the bottom contact point with the wall.

Width - the distance between the wall and outer contact point with the ceiling.

Tip: When planning for crown molding, inspect the walls and ceiling to see if any vents or other objects are within the footprint of the molding.
Crown Moldings by Ceiling Height

Crown Molding recommended for:

8' - 9' Ceilingsstarting at $9.95
10' - 11' Ceilingsstarting at $19.95
12'+ Ceilingsstarting at $29.95

Most popular Crown Molding:

AB104 ► For 8' - 9' Ceilings
AB108 ► For 9' -10' Ceilings
AA067 ► For 10' - 13' Ceilings

Popular Crown Type:


There is a proportionally sized molding for just about every ceiling height. Choose your ceiling height above and you will be shown crowns that work best in your home. If you'd like to browse by molding size or style, look below and click on the size or style that you are interested in purchasing.

Browse by Breadth or Style

  2” - 4” ►
Commonly used with 8' Ceilings
4” - 5” ►
Commonly used with 8'-9' Ceilings
5” - 6” ►
Commonly used with 9'-10' Ceilings
6” - 7” ►
Commonly used with 10'-11' Ceilings
7” - 9” ►
Commonly used with 10'-13' Ceilings
9” - 24” ►
Commonly used with 14'+ Ceilings
Plain Egg and Dart
Ornate Dentil
Colored Cove
Gold Finished Rope