Power Cutter Aviation Snips
Power Cutter Aviation Snips MW-P6716A
Recommended snips for cutting most vinyl ceiling tiles.
Product Description

If your getting professional grade tiles you may want to consider getting professional grade aviation snips to get the job done. Formed from a hot drop-forging process, these snips are some of the strongest and most durable snips on the market.

   Quick Facts
  • For cutting most ceiling tiles
    • Vinyl
    • Tin
  • 3" drop-forged blade
  • Meets ASME Standard B107.500-2010(B107.16)
  • Recommended over regular tin snips

Use On

Pro-Lite Series
.09" Pro-Series
Designer Collection
Ceiling Skins
Heritage Series



Additional Information

Nominal Length: 11-1/2"
Cut Length: 3"
Cutting Capacity (CR/SS): 20/24
Cuts Straight

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