Wavelength Fountains (per sq ft)
Wavelength Fountains (per sq ft)Copper Wavelength
Custom Copper Wavelength Fountain
$235.00 per sq ft (Minimum 12 sq ft)
Customized to your size requirements
Delivery Time: 2-3 Weeks
$235.00 per Sq. Foot


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Desired Finish (See Link Below for Options)*
In inches, how tall do you want your fountain to be? (max 10' tall)
In inches, how wide do you want your fountain to be? (max 10' wide)
Multiply height x width and enter here
Divide the above by 144, round UP to next whole #, type in Quantity box above (Min 12 sq ft)
Product Description
WaveLength Fountains
Priced at $215.00 per square foot, minimum 12 square ft. Available in Sizes from 12 sq ft to 60 sq ft (for larger, please give us a call as these require very special handling - 800-419-1130)!

Shipping Details:
All of our products in the Fountains and Waterfalls are FREE SHIPPING (within continental USA only - surcharge will apply to AK/HI/PR). Normal delivery times 2-3 weeks for smaller fountains, but up to 5-6 weeks for larger, more complicated fountains. We do all fountains in the order they are received.

About This Fountain:
Base Price of $235 is per square foot. The above questions ask you to be specific as to the exact size you are requesting, and then to multiply those numbers, divided by 144 to give you the square footage, rounding up to the nearest whole number. You must enter the height and width desired in inches. There is a minimum 12 sq ft order, so the minimum order for these fountains is $235 x 12 = $2,820. Price includes crating and shipping to your door, but does not include onsite mounting. Mounting is very simple, but we recommend you have at least two people. We have a large number of combinations of wave styles to choose from...we will call you about that prior to building...deals with the width of individual wave strips, the actual wavelengths, etc. If you have any problem ordering or have questions about this fountain, please give us a call at 800-419-1130...we can build VERY large fountains, subject to actual onsite delivery and setup! When using this page you may only order a fountain up to 10' tall and up to 10' wide. Fountains that are taller or wider can be built, but we will need to provide you with a custom quote based on the size.

Company or personalized LOGOs are NOT available on the fountain surface for Wavelenghts, since there is no flat surface to work with unless you want it on the top or bottom basins.

See closeups of Wavelengths Fountains

There are various finishes that we can use to change the appearance of these fountains. Click here to see Various Copper Finishes Available and then select from the menu above.

Please Note:
In all model sizes, the base height (where the water and pump is at the bottom) ranges from 8-10" (smaller sizes) to 12-14" and the top framing is 3-6", depending on the size, and the frame sides are approx 2-3" each. Plan and make your layout selections of size accordingly, using the dimensions for the base, top and sides in calculating the actual water panel size. For wxample, if you wanted a fountain 36" tall x 48" wide, almost 16" of that 36" would be taken up in the base and top boxes...leaving only 20" for the waves where water would be seen. This fountain is really much better with a minimum height of 48"!

Mounting Instructions:
The copper fountains are a single piece, so they are easy to install. There are horizontal brackets on the back side, and we will send instructions...but it's very easy. If you want to hide your pump cord, install a receptacle at least 18" up from where you want the bottom of the basin to be, and make sure you have a separate switch that operates that plug (otherwise you'll have to move your fountain each time you want to turn it on or off!)

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