Crown Molding

Crown molding can transform any room into a masterpiece!  Walls and ceilings that were once plain will now come to life with charm and personality.  Crown molding also adds tremendous value to your home, whether you’re planning to sell or stay for a lifetime!  And with so many styles to choose from, we know you’ll find just what you’re looking for.
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CM-1293 Crown Molding
Regularly: $25.99
Price: $19.95
You Save: $6.04 (23 %)
CM-1293 Crown Molding
6" Crown Molding
4-15/16'' H x 4-1/8'' W x 96'' Long
Usually ships in 24-48 hours
CM-1235 Crown Molding
CM-1235 Crown Molding
Regularly: $27.99
Price: $17.95
You Save: $10.04 (36 %)
CM-1235 Crown Molding
5" Crown Molding
3.7'' H x 3.4'' W x 96'' Long
Commonly used with 8'-10' Ceilings
Usually ships in 24-48 hours
CM-2015 Crown Molding
CM-2015 Crown Molding
Price: $19.99
CM-2015 Crown Molding
4-1/8" Crown Molding
2.9'' H x 2.8'' W x 94.5'' Long
Commonly used with 8'-9' Ceilings
Usually ships in 24-48 hours
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Plain Crown
Currently the most popular type of molding.
Egg and Dart Crown
An iconic mark from ancient Greek architecture.
Dentil Crown
One of the oldest styles, it can be found in history as early as 500 BC.
Cove Crown
This molding can stand alone or be coupled with other types of moldings.
Rope Crown
Usually a plain or cove molding coupled with a humble "rope" decoration.
Ornate Crown
The most decorated styles.
Ceiling Height
8'-9' Ceilings 10'-11' Ceilings 12'+ Ceilings
Molding Height
Most Popular Crown Molding Colored Crown Moldings Gold Crown Moldings
ET-88291BG Crown Molding
Pre-finished and Painted Crowns

18k Gold Foil Finish
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