Cutting with a Compound (or Standard) Miter Saw

Here are some nice helpful kits and tools to assist you: (Click for details)

Miter Divider

How-to Moulding Book
A MUST have guide!

Installation Kit
Book and angle finders

Using a compound miter saw is probably the easiest way to cut your corners.  If you have a compound miter saw there are 3 different ways to make each crown moulding cut.  The method you choose will depend on the size of the crown moulding and the size of the compound miter saw.  Below is a guide that you can print to help you cut your crown moulding corners:

Click to Download Crown Moulding Cutting Guide (Microsoft Word Format)

If you do not have a miter saw you can also make cuts with a table saw.

Picture Tutorial for Making Jigs and Cutting Mouldings

Click on the pictures to learn a few basic pointers put together by Jim Welch to assist you in cutting corner on some of our mouldings that are too large for the standard compound miter saw.
Click pictures for tutorial info..  Please understand that neither I nor Wishihadthat is in a position to educate you or your contractor.  However, as a retired contractor, I've installed many custom moulding jobs over several decades using these methods.  I know this page should help!

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