WishiHadThat.com no longer accepts custom marble statue orders.
However, we currently have marble statues in stock at record low prices.
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Custom Marble Statues

We can custom carve any statue from work that is either original or not protected under copyright laws. Examples - Personal photographs of loved ones or pets, visual art (if you own the rights), visual art (if the artist has passed-on more than 70 years ago).

Step 1: The image

Our sculptors will design your custom statue from images that you provide. The more images from every angle, the better. For areas of a statue, where you want more detail, close up photos of those spots will help greatly.

Step 2: Clay

If you choose, you can have a clay sculpture made for proofing before we begin work on a marble version. A clay proof gives you a near exact representation of how your custom marble statue will look. It also lets you add or subtract features and form to the final product. A clay proof will add up to 20% to the final cost of the statue.

Step 3: The result

Your custom marble statue is hand chiseled from your choice marble color (white is the most frequent color of choice). Depending on the size and detail of your statue, it will take up to 12 months for you to receive the final product.