Donating a Statue ... the Right Way

There are significant tax benefits of donating a statue to non-profit organizations, including churches, schools, and hospitals. If done correctly, the amount of the donation can be deducted from your tax return, reducing your federal income taxes by up to 35% and your state taxes by your marginal tax rate. If you purchase the statue directly and then donate it as a gift to the non-profit organization the IRS will require you to file Form 8283 with your tax return to receive the deduction. Here is a better way to make the donation:

  1. Inform the Non-profit Organization which statue you'd like to donate.
  2. Donate to the organization in the amount of the chosen statue.
  3. Get a receipt for your donation, and the organization purchases the statue.

If you donate a statue in this manner you can simply include the donation amount on your tax return along with any other charitable contributions you have made for the year.

Custom Statues
Is there an historical figure that is special to you or your church? Since all of our statues are hand carved we are able to produce custom statues at an affordable price.

Inspired by everything from paintings, photographs, scripture passages and hymns to historical and mythological characters, customers have commissioned us to custom sculpt statues.

From inception to the final carving, you are involved in every stage of the sculpting process as your vision becomes a reality: First, we produce a clay model that is the actual size of the statue you commissioned. Second, we provide you with photographs of the model so you can review it and have us adjust the model according to your specifications. Next, once you give the final approval on the clay model, the artist begins carving the actual statue from a single block of marble. Then, when your statue arrives at our warehouse, we inspect it for flaws. Lastly, we clean, buff and polish your statue so when you receive it, it is the beautiful masterpiece of your vision.

Call us today and we will work together to turn your vision into a timeless work of art.

St. Timothy Catholic Community commissioned us to have a special statue carved for their Church.
Saturday, September 18, 2010
THE VILLAGES — A newcomer to St. Timothy Catholic Community has taken a firm stance outside the church social hall. He is rock-solid and has no plans of leaving. Click Here To Read The Full Story.

"Angel with
"The Good
"Holy Family" "Woman
with Angel"
Unto Me"
"Mary, Jesus
and Lamb"
"Pieta" "Praying
"Sacred Heart
of Jesus"
"St. Francis" "Weeping
with Baby"
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