Fish Monger
Fish Monger 6-Apr
60'' H x 40'' W
Delivery Time: 6-7 Weeks

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Product Description
Fish Monger
Size: 60" H x 40" W
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About This Piece:
If you want this piece, but want different colors, you may select from a basic color chart (click on below) or personalize the colors. If you select a basic color from the chart, the artist will use complimentary hues from that color in your sculpture. If you want to personalize the colors, please write in as specifically as you desire what colors you would like to use. The artist will then call you prior to the start of your project to discuss color options with you!
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Artist's Description:
Fish Monger is the predecessor to Fish Guitarist. Technically speaking, he was there first, and he's a little more over-the-top with his strange cat-like whiskers and the hole in his head. But some of us really want over-the-top because WE are over-the-top. We have to stick together! If he makes you smile, we've done our job.

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