Meet The Staff

The management staff here at Wish I Had That is made up of several unique individuals that share a common goal; to provide you the best shopping experience and quality personal service as possible. We thought it might be fun to share a little information about ourselves, for better or worse. Take a few minutes to know some of the faces on the other end of your WIHT phone conversations and internet connection.

Office Staff Members

Robert Welch

President / CEO
Wishihadthat, Inc.

What do you do on the weekends: Church, family time, some work, and softball

Pets: Gooden Doodle (Poodle / Golden Retriever mix)

Hobbies/Interests: Church softball, reading, watching baseball.

Favorite Food: Chicken Divan

Favorite Smell: Spring air – it means baseball season is here!

Favorite Color:
To look at – blue (my wife's eyes).
To wear – gray.

Favorite Movie: Braveheart

Favorite TV Sport: LA Angels Baseball

Favorite sport to play: Baseball/Softball

Would you bungee jump? Yes

Would you parachute? Not now, maybe later.

What is the furthest you’ve been away from home? Australia

Favorite Book: Count of Monte Cristo (but there are so many good books!)

Favorite genre of music: Not a huge music fan, listen mostly to Christian rock or contemporary. Favorite band would be Third Day.

Favorite Season: Spring

Can You Juggle? 3 items or less

Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper

Do you eat the stems of broccoli? If it is green, I try to avoid it.

Beach, Mountains or City? Mountains

Glass half empty or half full: Half empty. May I have a refill please?

Personal Quote: Ask not what your company can do for you. Ask what you can do for your company! (Just Kidding)

Your Guilty Pleasure:

If you could have one super power: Mind control. It could have a very positive effect on the world if used for good.

Strong in mind or Strong in body? Mind …. No, body …. Hmmm …. May I have both please?

Technology or Art? Technology

Favorite Biblical Passage: "No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear."
I Corinthians 10:13

This verse allows me to put my trust in God to carry me through the trials and temptations that I encounter in life. I hope it will help you too!

Robert Gibson
Marketing Director/IT

Back on the farm I use to sit and think about things. Then repress those thoughs.

Stephen Stahl

Ron HashimRon
SEO Director

Favorite Color: Shades of blue, green and yellow.

Alycia Ernst
Customer Support

Nick name? Al

Are you named after anyone? Grandpa's middle name, Aloysius

Noteworthy Accomplishments: Perfect attendance K-8th grade, I was a healthy kid!

What do you do on the weekends: What I didn't get done during the week...aka Shopping, Sleeping in. Socializing.

2 or 3 things about yourself that most people don’t know: left-handed, 5 ft tall

Pets: Terrier mix puppy Corduroy and cat Sweetpea

Hobbies/Interests: I like to be creative and design things- whether it be a handbag or a sweater for my puppy. Also like to travel and go to concerts.

Favorite Food: Southern Comfort food

Do you use sarcasm a lot? A healthy amount

Favorite Smell: That cave smell on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland....Sephora smells pretty great too!

Favorite Color: Fuschia

Favorite Movie: Can't possibly pick just one, but I have yet to see a Steve Martin movie that I did not like.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be? All the colors rolled into one

Favorite TV Sport: Channel surfing.

Favorite sport to play: Badmitton- only sport I seem to be skilled at!

Would you bungee jump? Heck no

Would you parachute? Not unless the plane was on fire!

What is the furthest you’ve been away from home? Florida

Favorite genre of music: 80's new wave/90's alternative

Favorite Season: Spring, because it means winter is over and summer is near!

Can You Juggle? Objects, no. Tasks, yes.

Favorite Drink: Currently obsessed with Sweet Tea

Do you eat the stems of broccoli? No. Hold the broccoli, thanks.

Beach, Mountains or City? Love that fresh mountain air!

Glass half empty or half full: Depends on the day...

Personal Quote: Borrowed quote.....”I don't care if it's a mans world, as long as I can be a woman in it”.

Your Guilty Pleasure;

  • Movie: The Babysitters Club (for the 13yr old inside of me)
  • Music: I still think the Pure Country soundtrack is great.
  • TV: Infomercials

If you could have one super power: I would be like a dvr...i could pause or rewind any given moment...or fast forward the monotonous daily tasks like lines and traffic.

Strong in mind or Strong in body? Mind

Technology or Art? Art



Jim Welch
VP -Import & Marketing Manager
Company History

Family? I consider myself so blessed. I have a wonderful wife, Ginger, that I married in 1971, and we have three fantastic sons and three beautiful daughters-in-law...and we're all still talking! They've given us 7 grandkids (6 boys and 1 girl, which we will spoil rotten). My middle son, Robert, joined me in the business as soon as he passed his CPA exams, and was immediately made Pres.  It's been a real privilege to work with him every day! He really is modest, but is the daily operations and accounting brains behind Wishihadthat...we could not do what we do without him!  

I'm now living a double life since Ginger retired from teaching.  We moved to KY, and I will be overseeing our new warehouse there, but still have a home about an hour from the office in Pine Mountain Club.  We go back and forth every few months.  

2 or 3 things about yourself that most people don’t know: I’ve written hundreds of songs & poems, even a couple of books…no joke! I've copyrighted several volumes at the Library of Congress, but never tried to publish. Maybe someday. I have a lot of creative energy, I guess.

Pets: Being over 60, they keep dying on me. Currently, my best furry friend is a Goldendoodle named Baxter plus a Miniature Schnauzer named Sadie.

Hobbies/Interests: Travel - I've posted many recent adventures online.  I collect movies, which drives my wife crazy...but it's my only vice so she puts up with it. Maybe I need a new one?

Thoughts on retiring? I'm on the plus side of 60, but love my business and think I'd be totally bored not working, at least part-time. Definitely, more travel in our future, though!.

Favorite Food: What's for dinner tonight? Actually, I do most of the cooking in our empty-nest house...which generally means we go out to eat a LOT. It was a good trade for me...she pays all the bills, and I get to cook occasionally. Does that answer the question?

Do you use sarcasm a lot? Who, me?

Would you bungee jump? I’d love to. Fact is, I don’t know why I haven’t done something like that. Ditto for the parachute insanity. I used to be a diver and spent a good deal of time on a trampoline, so I'd probably like the bouncing up and down!

Beach, Mountains or City? Give me my tall pines and cool breezes in the mountains any day.

Glass half empty or half full: I’m ever the optimist, so definitely half full.

Personal Quote: As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

If you could have one super power: to be able to s-t-r-e-t-c-h t-i-m-e

Strong in mind or Strong in body? I’m getting older, and the body doesn’t do as much for me…but I still THINK it does, so I guess I’d have to say mind.

Technology or Art? Technology has brought the world to people, made art accessible, and put at everyone's fingertips the ability to manipulate or create some weird stuff.  However, you can no longer believe anything you see.  For example, photos...I've never been to see the Matterhorn, yet I'm "there" in my picture (also 30 pounds lighter!)  So, I have the greatest respect for those that can create real art using non-technical means.

Personal Website: Besides Wishihadthat and RoJico?  I started a family photo gallery which is fun, and a new Rep marketing site:

Scott Fischer
Operations Manager

Pets:2 Dogs, Tinkerbell & Tiny

Hobbies/Interests: Video Games COD4

Favorite Food: Baby back ribs w/ Jack Daniels sauce

Do you use sarcasm a lot? Well ya, why do you want to know?

Favorite Smell: Dinner

Favorite Color: Forest Green

Favorite Movie: Man on Fire

Favorite TV Sport: Football

Favorite sport to play: Paintball

Would you bungee jump? YES!

Would you parachute? You have to die sometime, might as well die after a great view, so yes.

What is the furthest you’ve been away from home? 3,296 miles or is it 3,297

Favorite Book: Clive Barkers "The Thief of Always"

Favorite genre of music: House

Favorite Season: Spring, beach time.

Can You Juggle? I can juggle 2 or 3 balls

Favorite Drink: Mocca coffee in the morning

Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Yes

Beach, Mountains or City? Beach

Glass half empty or half full: Depends on the situation

Personal Quote: "If you are going to do it then do it right the first time or do not do it at all"

Your Guilty Pleasure

  • Movie: Chick Flicks
  • Music: Classical
  • TV: Little house on the Prairie

If you could have one super power: Mind reading.

Strong in mind or Strong in body? Strong in mind, except on Mondays

Technology or Art? Technology. I can make art with a computer


Warehouse Crew

We have some great guys working in the warehouse to fill your every order!  These individuals work hard, whether unloading 40' containers or filling the smallest of orders, and we want to thank them all for their hustle, loyalty, and great attitudes. While our customers won't hear their voices on the phone, they all help us maintain our great customer service!