Scroll Column
Scroll Column FC-6086C / FC-6086S / FC-6086B
3 parts come 92'' tall
Cut to fit your requirements
Min. Order is 2 columns
Delivery: 3-7 Business Days
Product Description

Ionic Capital FC-6086C : 7" Tall x 17.5" Wide x 2.6" Deep
Fluted Column Center FC-6086S : 79" Tall x 9.8" Wide x 1.2" Deep
Column Base FC-6086B : 6.2" Tall x 13.2" Wide x 2.8" Deep

Create a dramatic effect - classic, elegant and uniform. Can be used to for decorating your residence, office, hotel, club, etc. Easy installation: surface has a sealed finish and pieces can be planed, sawed, sanded, nailed and glued the same as wood. For interior and exterior use.

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