Summer in the Country
Summer in the Country 11-50-S
Available in two sizes
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Product Description
Summer in the Country
Small Size: 60" H x 36" W
Large Size: 84" H x 60" W
Each is made custom, and size will vary slightly.

Artist's Description:
Growing up in the backfields of New Jersey...(that's right folks, New Jersey actually has back fields) my buddy and I used to do all the things little boys do in the summer...collect raspberries, catch as many garter snakes as we could, and, of course, build tree houese and swings. My fondest memories are of sitting on the swing, and then twisting the rope about fifty times, then seeing which one of us could stand up. ...Neither one of us, as I remember. But those were really good times, and a good ole swing still beats the hell out of a video game. If you have fond memories, or would like to create some for your kids, build a swing, and maybe even order this sculpture. They both hearken back to gentler times.

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