uDecor Designer Collection Direct Mount Tiles

Our Designer tiles are made from a thick .028" PVC vinyl plastic, so they are waterproof, stain and mildew resistant, and will last for years to come. The material also makes them easy to clean and you won't have the nasty water spots that occur on standard mineral fiber tiles. Our Designer tiles are manufactured to fit all standard 15/16" - 1" T-Bar Ceiling Systems and many are also able to be installed directly on a ceiling. See each product's description for more details.

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Calvary Ceiling Tile Antique Bronze
Price: $9.99
Calvary Ceiling Tile Antique Bronze
24" x 24" Ceiling Tile
For Ceiling Grid or Direct Mount
Construction Adhesive
Price: $3.99
Construction Adhesive
For Vinyl Direct Mount Tiles
Crown Moulding and more!
9.0 fl. oz.
One Tube per Six Ceiling Tiles
One Tube per Eight mouldings
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