Red Oak Mantel Shelf 040
Red Oak Mantel Shelf 040 URO-040
72" Wide by 17" Tall
Delivery Time (unstained): 1-2 Weeks
Delivery Time (stained): 2-4 Weeks
URO-040 Mantel Shelf
Solid Red Oak Construction

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Product Description

Built from solid red oak (no veneers nor laminates), this mantel shelf will bring a touch of elegance to any room setting. 

 *  Easy to assemble and install 
 *  Available unfinished *, allowing you to lightly sand and then match your stains onsite, or 
 *  Option - Select from any MinWax stain color and finish and have us do that work

This solid oak mantel shelf is 72 " Wide by 17 " Tall. The opening for the fire box area is 51" Wide.  The surround height may be adjusted with some modification by trimming or adding to the bottom of each leg.

Note:  If you do select to have us stain and finish, your fireplace will not be returnable. Normal return policy applies for unfinished surrounds only.

Stain Color Selection

* Finish procedures

Important: Fill all nail holes with wood putty that matches the stain after your stain is cured. You can use water putty mixed with your actual stain to create a match.  If you putty the holes pre-stain, you will fill the wood cells and your stain job will look very blotchy.

Unfinished surrounds are factory sanded and ready for your fine sanding and staining.  The nail holes and any joint cracks are purposefully NOT pre-puttied (you always stain first, putty after).  Sand the surfaces and edges lightly to eliminate blemishes and marks, and be especially cautious on the mitered corners to keep the edges sharp.

Read and follow the tips as provided by the links above.

If we stain to your specifications, your mantel will not be returnable. 

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