2x2 LED Flat Light Panel - Silver Frame - Dimmable
2x2 LED Flat Light Panel - Silver Frame - Dimmable
uDecor Drop Grid 2'x2' Dimmable LED Flat Light Panel - Silver Frame
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Light Panel
Light Panel

2x2 Panel & Dimmable Driver Included
Dimming Controller Sold Seperately

2x2 light LED panels are a direct drop in for t-bar/suspended ceilings. Tabs are also used for securing the lights in the suspended ceiling for seismic certification.

LED lights are catching on fast here in the US as they offer up to 60% savings over conventional lighting. They are only marginally more efficient than fluorescent lighting, but they have an extremely long lifespan (approximately 50,000 hours) which makes them more desirable in applications where low maintenance is desired.

Panel includes electrical box on the back of panel to house driver.

Installation and wiring should be done in accordance with local laws and regulations. These vary from area to area. Consumers should check with local officials to insure the installation conforms to applicable laws.


Specification Sheet

Light Colors Available
Quick Facts
  • 23 3/4" x 23 3/4" fit standard 2x2 grid system
  • 2" depth with included electrical box
  • 40-45 watts ea.
  • 100-240v single phase input voltage
  • 3100 lumens (about equal to 200w incandescent bulb)
  • 110 degree light angle
  • 216 LEDs in each panel
  • Weight per panel is 10lbs w/ driver
  • Dimmable with included driver controller sold separately
  • Electrical box attached to back of panel to house driver unit
LED Panel Construction

Anodized aluminum frame, aluminum backing with impact resistant polycarbonate light diffusing lens.

Driver Options

UL Driver:

  • 100-277vac input 50/60hz
  • Output 36vdc @ 1.43A
  • Safety Extra-Low Voltage (SELV) unit
  • Limited Power Supply (LPS)
  • Class 2 power supply
  • IP67 case
  • UL certification
  • 10v PWM Dimming

Under no circumstances should household current be applied to the light panel. You must use either the included driver or a compatible driver.

All high voltage connections (100v and up) must be done in an electrical gang box. The low voltage side (part that hooks up to the light) can be connected with class 2 connectors and wire. The low voltage side connections does not need to be in an electrical box. Low voltage wiring may be extended with class 2 two wire cable. This is available at your local hardware store as well as the connectors needed to extend the low voltage connection.

The transformer must be installed in an area away from flammable material with air space around it. It cannot be covered by insulation.

Units Per Circuit

Best practice never places more than 10 loads on a circuit or 80% of the rated wattage. All loads on the circuit must be considered. Many homes have circuits that have lights and plugs on them. You must take into account the other loads (TV, microwave, fridge, vacuum cleaner, ect.) that may be on the circuit.

Common household voltage in the US is 120v
204/240v is common in industrial/commercial uses
Common household circuit breakers are 15 amp

voltage x amps = wattage
120v x 15amp = 1800 watts

You never load a circuit more that 80% of capacity
80% of 15amp = 12amp x 120v = 1440 watts

Add up the total watts from each light. 43 watts for the 2x2 and 63 watts for the 2x4.

1440 divided by 43 = 33.48 Theoretically you could power 33 2x2 light panels from one 120v/15amp circuit but best practice is 10 loads per circuit.

UL Certification

You can read more about UL certification here and the RU mark here