DM-8573D Door Set
DM-8573D Door Set DM8008 (1) , DM8573L(1), DM8573R(1) , DM8001 (2)
Delivery Time: 2-3 Business Weeks
Product Description

Price is for 1 set. One set includes:
1 length of DM-8008 (7.75" H x 1.0" D x 94.5 " L fluted moulding used to cut top)
2 pieces of D8573L/R (capitals, 7.9" H x 8.7" W x 2.4" D)
2 pieces of DM-8001 (columns, 86.6" H x 7.0" W x 1.2" D) -- the columns can be shortened by cutting the bases.
** Please note that with these pieces you can frame a doorway that is 86.6" tall x 94" wide.

These moldings may be cut, sanded, nailed, and basically installed the same way as any wood molding. A polyurethane adhesive should be beaded along the touching edges of the wall/ceiling and between joints, and then a few small nails to hold in place while the adhesive sets.

Manufacturer's Product Description

Our import polyurethane (PU) decorative building materials for interior and exterior decoration including moldings, medallions & domes, corbels, columns, door and window trim, etc. The products have been passed with CFC-Free certification.

1) Create a dramatic effect - classic, elegant and uniform. Used to decorate the house, salon, hotel, club, etc.
2) Easy installation: surface painting is finished and can be planed, sawed,nailed and glued.
3) Anti-corrosion: resists acids and alkalis.
4) Light weight: lightweight, good resilience and hardness.
5) Waterproof: no moisture absorbing, water permeation, or mildew.