CM-2132 Crown Molding
CM-2132 Crown MoldingCM-2132
3-3/4" Crown Molding
2.6'' H x 2.8'' W x 94.3'' Long
Commonly used with 8'-9' Ceilings
Delivery Time: 1-5 Business Days
Price per PieceQty in Stock Order Quantity (6 pc minimum)*
Regularly: $24.99
Sale Price: $20.95
You Save: $4.04 (16 %)

* You may order less than the 6 piece minimum, but when doing so there is a $24.99 shipping and handling charge. Please call us at 1-800-419-1130 and we will be happy to assist you!

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15 to 49$20.32
50 to 99$19.69
100 or more$18.85

Product Description
Optional Decorative Corners
This moulding is complemented well by several styles of our decorative inside 90 degree corners (limited outside corners available). Add elegance to your project and remove the difficulty of making the corner cuts...simply install the corners and square-cut mouldings to fit! Links to each of these preformed corners are found at the bottom of this page.

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Crown Molding Samples

If you would like to see how this crown molding looks on your ceiling you can order a 10" sample for only $3.00. By holding the sample up to your ceiling you can make sure the size and style are the perfect fit for your project.
Order a Crown Molding Sample

Polyurethane Crown Molding

Polyurethane is a hard, dense foam that has many advantages over wood in that it does not rot, crack, splinter, or absorb moisture. Learn more about Polyurethane

Here are a few of the many advantages of polyurethane moldings:
  • Exquisite detail and design consistency
  • Lasts longer than MDF or wood crown molding
  • Designed for interior and exterior use
  • Cuts cleanly without splintering
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Pre-primed and ready for paint or stain (View Video on Staining Technique)

    How to Install Crown Molding

    Polyurethane crown molding may be cut, nailed, and installed the same way as wood moldings. To assist you we have step by step instructions on How to Install Crown Molding. If you still need additional assistance don't hesitate to give us a call -- we are experienced at installing and are happy to help!

    To make the job easier you may also order Crown Molding Blocks that work with our small to medium size moldings or you may order Precut Molding Corners (recommended only for plain crown molding). To make your own corners read the article: How To Cut Crown Molding.

    Architectural Departments

    In addition to the Crown Molding department you can also browse these popular categories:
       Casing and Chair Rail
       Door and Window Trim
       Ceiling Medallions
       Columns, Niches, Corbels, and more

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    Crown Molding: What is Breadth, Height, and Width?

    Breadth - the distance between the outer contact point with the ceiling to the bottom contact point with the wall (the hypotenuse of the right triangle whose legs are the width and the height).

    Height - the distance between the ceiling and the bottom contact point with the wall.

    Width - the distance between the wall and outer contact point with the ceiling.

    Tip: When planning for crown molding, inspect the walls and ceiling to see if any vents or other objects are within the footprint of the molding.
    Crown Moldings by Ceiling Height

    Crown Molding recommended for:

    8' - 9' Ceilingsstarting at $9.95
    10' - 11' Ceilingsstarting at $19.95
    12'+ Ceilingsstarting at $29.95

    Most popular Crown Molding:

    AB104 ► For 8' - 9' Ceilings
    AB108 ► For 9' -10' Ceilings
    AA067 ► For 10' - 13' Ceilings

    Popular Crown Type:


    There is a proportionally sized molding for just about every ceiling height. Choose your ceiling height above and you will be shown crowns that work best in your home. If you'd like to browse by molding size or style, look below and click on the size or style that you are interested in purchasing.

    Browse by Breadth or Style

      2” - 4” ►
    Commonly used with 8' Ceilings
    4” - 5” ►
    Commonly used with 8'-9' Ceilings
    5” - 6” ►
    Commonly used with 9'-10' Ceilings
    6” - 7” ►
    Commonly used with 10'-11' Ceilings
    7” - 9” ►
    Commonly used with 10'-13' Ceilings
    9” - 24” ►
    Commonly used with 14'+ Ceilings
    Plain Egg and Dart
    Ornate Dentil
    Colored Cove
    Gold Finished Rope