Gold Casing GF37H
Gold Casing GF37HGF-37H
Gold - 4 pc min.
1.5'' H x 0.5" W, 79'' Long
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Product Description

Amazing! Intriguing! Captivating!

All words that express what friends, family and clients are going to experience when invited into a room adorned in gold. It is bound to add an elegance that is unmatched with anything you have seen before. This is a molding that cannot be duplicated with a faux finish or matched with a metallic aerosol paint. Easily enrich your environment and Go with Gold!


This Gold molding model has a core of MDF material to shape its design. Plaster is then applied as a layer for improved definition: curves are smoother, acanthus leaves appear sharper and texture is detailed to be noticed. The final step is the unique coating of gold. There is even a clear coat finish to preserve and protect the golden exterior.


Gold moldings can be cut and mitered using the same saw and tools as a typical DIY project would require. It is after this point where the differences begin. Nails are not friendly to the surface and are not recommended for installation. Any holes or methods of concealing nail and screw holes in the molding are impossible to blend with the gold surface since there are zero viable alternatives to matching it. What remains is to solely utilize construction adhesive and we recommend Loctite PL Premium which can be purchased at your local hardware store. Using nails and a nailgun will result in chipping the plaster finish.

Caution: Fragile

Please take extra care in handling and working on these moldings while completing your project. The casing is delicate and susceptible to show every dent and slightest damage. We recommend using a Rustoleum Clear Gloss Lacquer, available at your local hardware store, on any cut edges to prevent peeling and strengthen the gold.