NC-4019 Niche
NC-4019 NicheNC-4019
Recessed Wall Niche
46'' H x 18'' W x 6.25'' D
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Product Description

This niche comes in 2 parts. This niche must be installed into a hole cut into the wall. It will fit between 2 standard 16" on center studs.

Our import polyurethane decorative building materials for interior and exterior decoration including moldings, medallions & domes, corbels, columns, door and window trim, etc. The products have been passed with CFC-Free certification.

1) Create a dramatic effect - classic, elegant and uniform. Can be used to for decorating your residence, office, hotel, club, etc.
2) Easy installation: surface has a sealed finish and pieces can be planed, sawed, sanded, nailed and glued the same as wood.
3) Anti-corrosion: resists acids and alkalis.
4) Light weight: lightweight, good resilience and hardness.
5) Waterproof: no moisture absorbing, water permeation, or mildew.
6) Primer coated and ready to paint!

A: 17.25"
B: 4.25 " (in wall depth)
C: 31.25"
D: 12.5" (14" in wall width)
E: 3.75 "

F: 29"
G: 18"
H: 2.5"
I: 8 "