A Lunch on Grass
A Lunch on Grass Cezanne Gallery
Paul Cezanne
Oil on Canvas
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A Lunch on Grass - By Paul Cezanne

A hand-painted reproduction Oil on Canvas of the original work Paul Cezanne. Hand painted museum-quality reproduction oil painting on canvas.

About the Artist:
Paul Cezanne was born into a family of Italian origin in Cesana Forinese in 1839. In 1859 Cezanne's father bought a country house on the outskirts of Aix, the Jas de Bouffan, which was to be frequently represented in Cezanne's paintings. He spent much time in Paris during his so called "dark" or "romantic" period from 1862-1870, where he met many future impressionists and tried to be accepted at the Salon.

In 1904 his paintings were shown for the first time at the Autumn Salon in Paris, and a year after his death in 1907, a retrospective exhibition of his works were displayed there.

Please Note:
This painting is available in 5 sizes, ranging from 20" x 24" up to 48" x 72". The actual measurements will be to scale of the original shown. Select the size from the menu that closest matches the size you are requesting. Hence, if you want a painting 24" wide, select from the menu the size 24" x 36" for pricing. However, the actual painting will be scaled using 24" as the width and be whatever the scale indicates, not 36".

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