2' x 4' Cambridge Vinyl Grid Tiles - White
2' x 4' Cambridge Vinyl Grid Tiles - White Cambridge
Size: 2' x 4'
For Grids or Direct Mount
Minimum Order is 20 tiles
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Delivery Time :3-10 Business Days
Pay less per piece by ordering more pieces!
200 to 299$23.45
300 or more$21.45

Product Description

Type: Direct Mount - Use standard Construction Adhesive to attach to ceiling.
Drop Grid Mount - Fits all standard 15/16" - 1" and 9/16" T-Bar Ceiling Systems
Border Acceptable: This ceiling tile would require a border tile.
Dimensions: 2' x 4'
Material Thickness: .03" - Cuts easily with tinsnips
Material: Thermoformed Polyvinyl
Weight: 13 oz - Easy to handle and install with one person
FDA Compliant: Yes - Meets general standards for use around food
UL Listed: No - Not approved for use below a fire sprinkler
Waterproof: Yes - Washable, Won't Mold or Stain
Fire Rating: A
Country of Origin: Made in USA
Paint Color Match:
  • For Latte Tiles - Benjamin Moore color #HC-87 Ashley Gray
  • For Sand Tiles - Benjamin Moore color #HC-27 Monterey White
  • For Merlot Tiles - Benjamin Moore color #1267 Ruby Dusk
  • For Black Tiles - Match at local paint store
  • For White Tiles - Match at local paint store
  • Request a $3 Tile Sample
    Call 1-800-419-1130

    Direct Mount Application:
  • Apply a 1/4" wide flat film of adhesive to the backside of the ceiling tile 1/2" inside the perimeter and another in the center area of the tile along a high relief area. A high relief area is a point on the ceiling tile that will touch the ceiling once the tile is installed.
  • Avoid placing large daubs of adhesive anywhere on the ceiling tile, as this may be visible through the tile. Any excess adhesive can be removed immediately with warm water or mineral spirits.
  • Position the ceiling tile and firmly hold it in place so that the adhesive makes good contact with the ceiling surface.
  • Along each side of the ceiling tile, apply three staples (or finishing nails) within 1/4" of the tile's outer edge. The close outer edge placement ensures that the staples will be covered by the decorative joint strip, which will be centered over the joint between the tiles.
  • If staples or finishing nails will not be used to hold the ceiling tiles in place, four 1" x 1" pieces of 3M Double Sided Mounting Tape should be applied to the center of the tile in addition to the adhesive. The tape will hold the ceiling tile in place while the adhesive sets and bonds.
  • Once the first ceiling tile is installed, begin placing the adjacent tiles. The second ceiling tile should be placed directly against the first. Repeat the installation process with the remaining ceiling tiles.
  • FAQs
    Details about moisture resistance, fire rating, acoustics, and more.

    Customer Install Photos & Comments
    Pictures of finished installations to give you ideas for your own project.

    Edge Trim and Partial Tile Installation
    For dealing with projection-style tiles or Border tiles around the edges.

    Shipping Rates and Delivery Timing:
    Shipping is free as long as the minimum amount is ordered. A $15 Minimum surcharge will have to be added for orders below that minimum. Delivery time is 3-10 Business Days. If you have a specific deadline you need to meet please call our knowledgeable customer support staff at 1-800-419-1130 for assistance.

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