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These are images of actual Thermoform ceiling tile installations
along with our customers experiences using the product.


I want to say that we have been in business for 40 years, with our restaurant and we received more compliments on our new ceiling than any other upgrade we ever did. It looks wonderful and it was a piece of cake to install."


I just finished the ceiling install this weekend. It came out great. I am not a contractor so I can't compare to how much easier it was to the standard tiles but it certainly was easy and has been the most fun part of the entire project. I have shown the tiles to a few people and they were quite impressed with it, as I am. Especially when I tell them it was not much more than the basic ones you see in Home Depot or Lowes. You guys need to get your product in there so more people can find out about it. It is extremely easy for the "do-it-yourselfer."

I must tell you at first I was quite skeptical about the product. Something about the weight and material was not appealing at first and I thought to myself "what did I get myself into"? However after installing the product in three areas of the basement, I can say that the product is the first area that people comment when they come into the room. They think the material is either carved wood or metal and expect the costs to be significantly higher than the standard store bought flat tiles. They are shocked by both the true costs and the actual materials and when they understand the ease of installation, the product sells itself. The home theater is a pleasure to sit in with the lights dimmed low and the tiles provide a surprising amount of sound absorption. Great product and even better customer service!"

I ABSOLUTELY love your product!! I can't tell you how many people I've given your website to. Every single person who has seen the new room has commented on the ceiling and how great it looks. The color is beautiful (cafe au lait?) and I had black strapping put in, so the taupe color with the black and the pattern looks very contemporary. I'll send you pictures, and I'll definitely use your product for the next room that's under construction now."

We are absolutely thrilled with the ceiling tiles. We have had so many compliments. They are one of the first things that people comment on when they walk into the basement. My contractor raves about them and said he'd never go back to using the "other" type of tiles. As you can see, we were even able to hang the light over the pool table by cutting out a small hole for the hanging fixture and wiring. Please feel free to share the photos on your website. I am so glad I found them, and your product cost half of what traditional ceiling tiles would have and the look and durability is far superior."

Your vinyl ceiling tiles are GREAT! We initially installed Armstrong ceiling tiles in our renovated basement in November '06 (according to manufacturer's installation instructions) and didn't have a problem until the beginning of June '07 when we had some humid weather. The basement started to have a horrible smell and we thought maybe something died. We cleaned everything including rugs, sofa, etc., and two weeks later we discovered it was the ceiling tiles. We took them all out and the smell disappeared. That's when I discovered your tiles and we are all so happy, wish we had gone that way from the get go. They have been in all summer, which included a period of very hot, very humid weather, and we have had no further problems. We can now enjoy our 1890 Brunswick Starburst League pool table. You also have excellent customer service."

I started installing the ceiling in our downstairs bathroom's great...I really do love it. I am very impressed that those thin tiles look as hot as they do! We own an old home- it was built in 1910, and the previous owners were slackers when doing things the right way the first time. When I removed the old drop ceiling, there was plaster stacked on the old panels, and wallpaper hanging down under them, really old smelly gross stuff. I was worried about that horrible stale smell that old plaster gives off not being blocked by the panels, and let me tell you, I don't even have the whole ceiling up yet and I can't smell it anymore....they really are something else! We have drop ceilings in most of our upstairs rooms and I'm planning on using these to replace the old ugly ones, so you'll be hearing from us again!

Kim, Troy, NY

Follow up email from Kim.....
I actually finished the ceiling last night....holy easy-peasy Batman! Seriously! It looks awesome. Even cutting it to fit was a breeze. I just used some Cutco Scissors. You can't do that with those bulky fiberboard inserts! My husband told me I should think about a career change....

I plan on taking pictures when I redo the upstairs. The downstairs bath is really small, so even though it looks awesome, I don't think it will showcase as great as upstairs will. But I promise to show it off when done!

We have an old center hall colonial farmhouse. It was built in 1910 and then picked up and moved to it's current location sometime in the 20's. We have pulled down old wallpaper and such and found inscriptions from the craftsman who plastered the walls. In every room we have found one -- we painted/fixed around it and framed his signature and the date. It's really neat and I thought it was important to keep that little bit of history uncovered.

I am the major renovater -- it's a sickness really, I probably should be medicated. And so far we have done almost every room. We still have our old plaster walls, it was important to me to maintatin the authenticity of the original materials, which hasn't been easy, but let's face it -- nothing insulates a room like plaster! Anyhow, the old ceilings are cracked and damaged and have had furring strips placed in most rooms and then the drop grid ceilings, or the pre-1960 staple up ceiling tiles. Our plan was to remove the old ceiling tiles and replace it with thin drywall, but now I'm not sure. I'm going to redo the upstairs drop ceilings with these tiles (I think I'll experiment with some colors too) and see what I think.

Please feel free to pass my comments on. In this economy it's tought to have the means to buy a brand new home with all the amenities, so many folks are finding it's more economical to buy these older homes and fix them have a great site, and some really awesome products to economically update older homes -- I know I sound like a commercial and you are probably laughing and clapping right now, saying "Man, I couldn't pay someone to write this stuff." But seriously, I am really loving this product.



We recently began renovating our basement. The basement was quite dark with wood paneling, recessed lighting, and mineral fiber ceiling tiles. The mineral fiber tiles had been there for a long time and were put there by the previous homeowner. The old tiles were stained, crumbling, and very dusty. We knew that we wanted something different for our ceiling. I had seen the aluminum tiles and thought they were interesting, but much too expensive. When I found your site, my fiancé and I were thrilled! Not only are your tiles waterproof, light-weight for easy installation, and a clean white color, they are also environmentally friendly! That sold us - and we told all of our friends. So far, we have repainted our basement, had an electrician install new lights, and of course, put in our new tiles. It looks so GREAT! The next step is to have glass brick/block installed as windows. Thank you for such a great, affordable product."

The install went great, sure was glad I picked the vinyl tiles for my job. They were very easy to handle and work with . I wanted the most height that I could get and the thin tiles made that possible as I put my lights in between joists and grid within 2" of joists. They look great and being my first time hanging a ceiling the ease of install was a great help, no fuss or mess!!!!! I also sent 2 pictures one in middle of job and end, thank you again for making a fine product."

Thank you for such great customer service! How wonderful that you inquired about our project! It turned out beautiful and we *adore* how great the ceiling tiles look in our newly finished basement! In fact, we have already recommended your website and product to several friends of ours who were admiring our ceiling and have plans to complete the other rooms in our basement using the same tiles. I have to admit that the ceiling added just the right touch to the room. I've enclosed some pictures for you to share."

The final outcome was fantastic! Everyone loved it. We did not use any fancy fixtures for the tube lights those were hanging over the tiles. It appears like a canopy when lighted up. At the same time it is also hiding all the vents & ducts. We are very pleased with the final result. Thank you for your suggestion. You will see a lot of granite all over the place including the stairs. Your ceiling tiles compliment my natural stone tiles very well. Thanks again for all your help."

We finally got the ceiling installed, and it looks great. By the way, the contractor that did the work with me loved your product and said that he was going to recommend it to other customers."


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