Ceiling Transformation

Ever wonder, “What if?” and then act on it? Well we do too sometimes and this time it was our owner Jim’s turn for the “Let’s put some of our Ceiling Skins in my office!” game. Oh yea, we got him to do most of the work too. A win – win for everyone!

This project started with masking off the walls and anything else he didn’t want paint on. The new Ceiling Skin tiles would look pretty silly with the off-white grid strips, so he painted the grids a metallic bronze to match the new tiles.

We are all now very familiar with the warning on the spray can that says “Use in well ventilated area”! After a few minutes of spraying, the grid was ready for the new tiles. 


The 2x2 tiles were simply put right under the old tiles (no gluing needed because of the relief design used)  and quickly transformed the 2x4 grid into a great looking 2x2 look! 

The design of this tile (Design 151) allowed Jim to cut a slit where the raised area would overlap the grid at the edges. This made for no gaps around the perimeter and a really nice finishing touch.
Some of the tiles needed to be trimmed to fit into the grid without being forced. Most of them fit with no problems, so instead of trying to figure out if the grid was a little off , Jim just grabbed a pair of scissors and trimmed the tiles where the grid was tight... The Ceiling Skins cut very easy with a normal pair of scissors.


We also asked Jim hold up a few different crown moldings to see how they would look with the newly installed Ceiling Skins. The ET-88266HW was a great match, but he's saving that for another day.
The entire process of redoing his ceiling took the boss less than 3 hours and my, oh my, what a difference!  Don't you agree?  If Jim can do this in three hours, you can also do it!