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Ceiling Medallions - Frequently Asked Questions

1) I am purchasing a medallion for my chandelier or ceiling fan, but the medallion I like best doesn't have a hole in the center. What do I do?

Not a problem, and you should purchase the medallion you like, whether it has a pre-cut hole or not. Cutting the hole in the center of our medallions is easy to do. Just about any sharp knife, and certainly tools such as Roto-Zip or drill, make quick work of cutting though the poylurethane foam. You will need to cut the hole large enough to bring the chain or anchor of your chandelier or fan through yet small enough so the top cover (the piece that goes against the ceiling) will completely cover the hole. Since the canopy is going to cover the hole you don't need to worry about making the hole perfectly round. Cutting the hole should only take a few minutes, so when you pick your medallion choose the style you like best and don't let the lack of the precut hole deter you.

2) How do I install my medallion?

Ceiling Medallion Installation - Step by Step Guide from Start to Finish - Standard installation of a typical celing medallion with a ceiling fan.

Two Piece Ceiling Medallion Installation - Installation method of cutting the medallion in 2 parts and assembling around the fixture in place. Useful when you have a large heavy fixture that is impractical to remove.

Polyurethane is a great material for medallions because there are several ways they can be easily installed. The quickest method is to run a bead of adhesive on the flat backside, then attach to the ceiling with trim screws or finish nails (a finish nailgun is handy, but not required). Any screw or nail holes are easily covered with painters caulk or lightweight spackling. You may also install the medallions with just polyurethane adhesive or pure silicone (we have found that to be one of the best adhesives!), but it will take about an hour to cure, so you might need to prop the medaillian in place...although most are so light that the suction of the caulking is enough to hold. The advantage is there aren't any nail or screw holes to cover. Either way, once it is set into the proper position, you can easily caulk around the perimeter to seal and hide any line between the medallion and ceiling.

3) Should my medallion be larger, the same size, or smaller than my lighting fixture?

While there are lots of opinions concerning this, there is no set rule. Typically, you want your medallion to be either larger or smaller than the lighting fixture...don't try to have your medallion be the same size as your fixture. In most cases, you will want the medallion to be larger. Remember that since the medallion will be installed on the ceiling it is going to appear smaller, so if you are going to make the medallion a focal point consider having it be 4"-6" larger than the diameter of your ceiling fixture. If you want the fixture to be the focal point, and don't want to draw attention away from it, then you will want to select a plain medallion, perhaps smaller than the fixture's diameter.

As a general rule, if you are installing the medallion above a ceiling fan, the medallion should be smaller than the diameter of the fan blades. For most fans that are mounted close to the ceiling, a medallion between 18" and 24" in diameter will be just the right fit. For higher ceilings, or if your fan has a long extension, you should increase the size of the medallion (but still keep it smaller in diameter than the fan's blades).

We are here to help you in any way we can, so if you have any questions please call 1-800-419-1130 and we will be happy to be of service!

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