The Michelangelo medallions add an elegant touch to any home. The gallery below represent just a few of the styles that are available. To view our entire collection visit the Michelangelo Medallion department. We would love to receive pictures of your finished project to add to the gallery below!

This Michelangelo medallion is used as the anchoring point for a lavish chandelier that is the center point for a circular stair case. The gold foil center section provides just the right amount reflections to accent the light fixture.



BRRB-1722-S030 BRRD-18-030LS
BRR-16-S019 BRR-18-S022
BRR-11-S016 BRR-11-S029
BRR-11-S029 BRR-13-S031
BR-1824-S019 BRRD-8-016LS
BRRD-16-074LS BRRD-18-016LS

Diane and her husband used our BRRD-20-030LS Michelangelo series medallion to enhance the ceiling in their home theater. They went one step further by adding blue into the print and extending the sky beyond the outer portion of the medallion. Additional custom wood trim work accents the medallions gold features and is now the perfect center piece for the ceiling.