Crown Molding Gold Finish

Our gold crown molding creates a dazzling look in any room, but really makes a statement in more elegant settings like a formal dining or master bedroom. These moldings are meticulously hand finished in gold, giving each piece a dramatic effect that will create a luxurious atmosphere in your home or business.
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Plain Crown
Currently the most popular type of molding.
Egg and Dart Crown
An iconic mark from ancient Greek architecture.
Dentil Crown
One of the oldest styles, it can be found in history as early as 500 BC.
Cove Crown
This molding can stand alone or be coupled with other types of moldings.
Rope Crown
Usually a plain or cove molding coupled with a humble "rope" decoration.
Ornate Crown
The most decorated styles.
Ceiling Height
8'-9' Ceilings 10'-11' Ceilings 12'+ Ceilings
Molding Height