Installing Crown Moulding

Our polyurethane crown molding are installed very similarly to traditional types of mouldings. All of the cuts are the same. The adhesive should be beaded along the touching edges of the wall/ceiling and between joints, and then a few small nails will hold the moulding in place while the adhesive sets. You can use any adhesive that is rated for use with polyurethane (check the back of the label) -- we have found great success using Loctite's Powergrab and PL Premium Polyurethane Adhesive, as pictured, which work very well and are available at any home improvement store.

We also highly recommend the above book which you can purchase from us at $19.95, or in kit form with protractors that enable you to exactly measure any corner angle for $34.95.  It is the best and most complete installation guide we have found...either one will help your installation!  (click photos for ordering pages)

When installing any mouldings (polyurethane or other types) the pieces must be measured and cut to a slightly longer length than the length that needs to be filled on the wall. If the moulding is cut exactly to the length required, then you won't get a tight fit and there is a possibility that in time, with wall and building movements, the moulding will pull apart slightly at the joints making them visible.  

Cutting with a Compound (or Standard) Miter Saw

Using a compound miter saw is probably the easiest way to cut your corners.  If you have a compound miter saw there are 3 different ways to make each crown moulding cut.  The method you choose will depend on the size of the crown moulding and the size of the compound miter saw.  Below is a guide that you can print to help you cut your crown moulding corners:


Example shown on how to cut an outside corner when dealing with a very large moulding.  Do not expect your saw to make a 100% cut...hand finish the cut after getting the correct line and angle from your miter saw.  Remember to think first before making cuts.  Visualize the proper angle before making the cut...the old saying "Measure twice, cut once!"

How to Cut Crown Molding

If you do not have a miter saw you can also make cuts with a table saw. (Click images for tutorials)

Picture Tutorial for Making Jigs and Cutting Mouldings

See What Mouldings and a little paint can do...



With a little practice, you can work wonders with our mouldings, too!  We have products that can completely change the look and feel of your room.  So, what are you waiting for...get started!

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