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Since the inception in 1998, customers seeking advice and good products have come to rely on and entrust Wishihadthat with their orders, and we appreciate every one of them! We've received so many emails with comments such as the small number of examples you read below, but we still very much enjoy receiving these emails from our customers, and each one serves to reinforce our dedication to providing great customer service! Below are just a few comments, and we welcome you to send your own comments to!

...I must say that the tiles and railing were very easy to work with. We are so very pleased with the results. Our budget for this project was low and Wish I Had That allowed us to complete it to our satisfaction. A little decorating left to do - and that's also fun! Great service and tutorials as well.
Thank you,
Thank you so very much for the email, and complete follow up! I just found your site by accident, and was just THRILLED with your selection/variety. At my first visit, I was only interested in a niche to put in the hole where I removed my medicine cabinet (what a perfect fix to a problem I wasn't sure how I was going to handle) but I definitely plan on returning to look over EVERYTHING!

You will see me again!

Thanks again,

Yesterday I spoke with a Customer Support representative named Scott, at WishIHadThat. He was very helpful, informative and professional. Such excellence is not often found and exhibits that your company provides great training for its employees. I especially find these service lacking with departments that have been outsourced outside the U.S.A. So please pass on my compliments and gratitude to your HR and management for keeping WishIHadThat Customer Support jobs in the United States. I make it a point to patronize such companies, especially in these economic times which I feel are a direct result of poor customer service and outsourcing.

D Harmon, New York
The following is an excerpt from an email sent to Paul, one of our customer service representatives. Read the full email here.

Paul, you made me feel as important (if not as intelligent) as a contractor who might have spent 10 times what I did … it goes beyond the money spent or the thing purchased, it strikes to the heart of who cares about who and why.

The price of loyalty is not always a repeat customer, it is what Customer repeats … the all-powerful “word-of-mouth” … and you, Paul, have garnered a loyal customer in ways of which neither of us is probably aware right now.

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Hi, just wanted to thank you for the great customer service and the great variety of products.  I wanted to share my latest project with you.  My daughter is getting married March 12th and we plan on taking pictures in front of the fireplace showcasing your products.  Thanks again. Joe
Thanks so much for taking the time to send me a quick note. Received the molding and liked the material. We have been dealing with the effects of the cold and snow; however, I will let you know how the moldings look, as soon as it is installed. Again, you have restored my "Faith" in internet purchasing. Your store has certainly spoiled me from doing business with anyone else.!!!!! Thank you! Trinetta
Personalized Customer Service! WOW!
In my email to you, I left my phone number not expecting you to call if I forgot to call you. You have restored my "faith" in Customer Service! You called me!!! I talked to a "Live " person; who answered all my questions!!
Your associate who's name is Paul, provided me with a variety of information pertaining to my order and also other ideas that I'm considering for my home. His opinion was of valued and will help when it comes to choosing ceiling tiles for the lower level of my home!
Thanks for your email. I started installing the ceiling in our downstairs bathroom's great...I really do love it. I am very impressed that those thin tiles look as hot as they do! We own an old home- it was built in 1910, and the previous owners were slackers when doing things the right way the first time. When I removed the old drop ceiling, there was plaster stacked on the old panels, and wallpaper hanging down under them, really old smelly gross stuff. I was worried about that horrible stale smell that old plaster gives off not being blocked by the panels, and let me tell you, I don't even have the whole ceiling up yet and I can't smell it anymore....they really are something else! We have drop ceilings in most of our upstairs rooms and I'm planning on using these to replace the old ugly ones, so you'll be hearing from us again!

Thanks for checking in, and for providing such a great product! It's INGENIOUS!

Kim, Troy, NY

Follow up from Kim.....
I actually finished the ceiling last night....holy easy-peasy Batman! Seriously! It looks awesome. Even cutting it to fit was a breeze. I just used some Cutco Scissors. You can't do that with those bulky fiberboard inserts! My husband told me I should think about a career change....

I plan on taking pictures when I redo the upstairs. The downstairs bath is really small, so even though it looks awesome, I don't think it will showcase as great as upstairs will. But I promise to show it off when done!

We have an old center hall colonial farmhouse. It was built in 1910 and then picked up and moved to it's current location sometime in the 20's. We have pulled down old wallpaper and such and found inscriptions from the craftsman who plastered the walls. In every room we have found one -- we painted/fixed around it and framed his signature and the date. It's really neat and I thought it was important to keep that little bit of history uncovered.

I am the major renovater -- it's a sickness really, I probably should be medicated. And so far we have done almost every room. We still have our old plaster walls, it was important to me to maintatin the authenticity of the original materials, which hasn't been easy, but let's face it -- nothing insulates a room like plaster! Anyhow, the old ceilings are cracked and damaged and have had furring strips placed in most rooms and then the drop grid ceilings, or the pre-1960 staple up ceiling tiles. Our plan was to remove the old ceiling tiles and replace it with thin drywall, but now I'm not sure. I'm going to redo the upstairs drop ceilings with these tiles (I think I'll experiment with some colors too) and see what I think.

Please feel free to pass my comments on. In this economy it's tought to have the means to buy a brand new home with all the amenities, so many folks are finding it's more economical to buy these older homes and fix them have a great site, and some really awesome products to economically update older homes -- I know I sound like a commercial and you are probably laughing and clapping right now, saying "Man, I couldn't pay someone to write this stuff." But seriously, I am really loving this product.



I just wanted you to know that I received the last of my order and everything was delivered in mint condition. I can’t buy pieces that good at my local home stores and certainly not in the quantities I needed. I will send photos when my project is completed. We will do business again.
Thank you!

I finally got to unpack the moldings this weekend. Everything arrived intact and they are beautiful. We put an initial coat of paint on them and I’m sooo looking forward to the install. They are so light – it’s going really make putting them up so much easier.
Thank you so much.


All I can say about your company is WOW! What a fantastic assortment of goodies for my home, and you guys are the BEST! It's refreshing in this age of auto-answering machines to actually hear a voice on the other end that knows something, is caring, and answers all of my questions. Wishihadthat is a treasure, one that I will be sharing with eveyone I know!

JB Roberts. - Sacramento, CA

I forgot the name of the young man through whom I ordered the moldings, but he was MOST helpful. When I suggested that your company miter the corners, he talked me out of it and gave me all sorts of helpful hints on how I could do it myself. (I really appreciated that!!!) This was the first time I have ever put up crown molding. We had just put our house up for sale and the realtor suggested that we make the bedroom a little more elegant. Sure enough, that helped to sell the house. Now, my wife wants crown molding put up in our brand new house in Tennessee, so I just may be ordered more molding to enhance the rooms! Thanks for your service and it's great to know you are a trusted company that cares.

Stephen Skov - Santa Barbara (on to Tennesee!)
The crown molding I purchased from your company was beautiful, and better than I expected. It gave the rooms a totally different look, and I would like to thank you for all your help and expertise in choosing the correct molding. I would highly recommend your company to anyone who is considering adding a new look to their home.

Sarah Spann - Fort Pierce, FL
Now, Robert...THAT'S customer service!  I do really appreciate your kind e mail today on the installation of the molding!  Fact is so easy...I don't need your advise!!  Your product as always is of very high quality.  Thanks again for your product...assistance...and GREAT service!  We will be doing business no doubt with you in the future and I am telling all of my friends how great that you and your company are!

James - Omaha, Nebraska
I wanted to let your company know that I received excellent service and I received the product yesterday.  Not only am I happy with the product and price, I am very happy with the timely delivery.  I have dealt with a few companies over the internet while furnishing my new home and your company has been by far the easiest to deal with.  I will definitely consider shopping with you again.
P Wills - Martinez, CA
We are very pleased with the product we received and will be ordering more as soon as we have our other materials together. I will be ordering some more of the same product for the outside of my windows and then after we finish the outside, we will be ordering trim for the inside of our house. We are paying as we go so we will be debt free when finished. It’s slower, but financially a better way to build in this economy. I hope the prices don’t go up to much before we order more.

Pat Lee - Hopkinsville, KY

I'm not easily impressed. I'm impressed! If you treat all of your customers like I've been treated, it's no wonder that success had come your way. I'm so glad the internet allowed me to find you...clear across the country, no less. Keep up the good work! You have a long-term customer, and if you're ever in Florida, the golf's on me!

B Woods - Fl

Loved my moulding!  Really appreciated your directions for cutting inside and outside corners.  I couldn't have done the job without them.  My room really looks even nicer that I pictured it.  The poly-moulding is really a nice product.  Thank you!
PS: I'm a first timer for crown moulding.

Sue - Chesterland, Ohio
I promised you photos of our Summer House for which WishIHadThat provided the very elegant polyurethane pilasters, capitals and plinths. We have finally finished this project and I want to assure you that it would not have been so successfully completed without your fine help and excellent products.

Our Summer House is a close reproduction of the renowned Derby Summer House produced by Samuel McIntire in 1799 for the family of Elias Haskett Derby, now removed to and displayed in the garden of the Gardner-Pingree House in Salem, Massachusetts, a part of the Peabody Essex Museum complex in that city, of which Samuel McIntire is one of its most distinguished historical figures.

The original Derby Summer House by S. McIntire is approximately 13'x13' and 16' in height. Our reproduction is only slightly smaller, being 12'x12' and 14.5' in height. Changes include Ionic capitals rather than Corinthian, interrupted pilasters (for evident reasons) rather than 11' versions, small changes in the entablature, the use of the a copy of the local Bedford Springs Hotel balustrade (c. 1804-1840) in lieu of McIntire's columnar balustrade with ornately carved urns. McIntire's original has matching doorways both front and rear and ours has doorway access only on the front. Otherwise the buildings are essentially similar.

We are very pleased with the results of our attempt to copy a signature work by Samuel McIntire and realize it could not have been so easily accomplished without your excellent products. Thank you very much, not just for the products but for your fine service and delivery.

We wish you a good and prosperous New Year. Even in difficult times there is always room for fine craftsmanship.

Kind regards,
C. Fagan - Bedford, PA
Hi Stephen, I got the crown molding and I've started putting it up. It's so easy and it's beautiful! I know I'll be ordering more, and I've referred several people to your website after they saw how good it looks. Thanks for everything...especially the pre-cut corners.

Donna - Santa Maria, California
It is very rewarding when one of our clients calls to thank us for recommending a product or appliance.  Today, we received a call from a client who praised our recommendation of your website for Waterfalls and Wall Sculptures. As you know, people tend to complain more than they compliment, but when we receive a compliment we like to pass it along to the people behind the product such as yourself.

Ray Samadani - Exclusive Italian Architects - Reston, VA

Hi, my name is Cynthia Stocker and I recently purchased an oil painting from your company. I just want to let you know it arrived today in perfect condition and it was so beautiful. This painting was by far, above and beyond my expectations, the online photos do not do justice to the quality of the workmanship. Kudos to your staff and many, many thanks from a very satisfied customer.

With regard to your employees, they were fantastic! They were very helpful and easy to work with. I wish I had photos of all my mouldings in place, but the truth is we got caught up in a bathroom remodel and haven't even opened the boxes.


Your product and service are fantastic.  On Wednesday morning I located one of your medallions on an internet search and placed the order.  The shipping info showed it was shipped that same afternoon via FedEx Ground and it arrived at my home by noon on Saturday.  I'm very pleased with the quality and design and thank you again for the fast shipment and delivery.  I mounted a piece of hundred year old architectural salvage in my entry hall 12 years ago--a terra cotta lion's head. It's been needing a "collar" to give  a proper finish to the installation, and thanks to you, it now has it.  Thanks again and best wishes. 

James Wm. Roberts  
I am very pleased with how my powder room turned out. I can take more pictures if you like. Feel free to suggest better ways to take them!

The molding was very easy to work with:
- It is light weight and doesn't damage walls when you are moving pieces around.
- It bends so you can cut to fit exactly and maneuver it easily without scraping the other walls.
- I was surprised how clean and sharp the end of the cuts were. There was no chipping like with wood.
- They were pre-primed so it saved me at least one coat of paint.
- There is no need to try to match the pattern, it just doesn't matter.
- You don't have to be perfect on your cuts. You can over estimate a little, then take off a little more since fine shaving cuts work really well with the material.
- The price and selection were excellent.

Thanks Wishihadthat!

I have ordered several life-size busts from WishIHadThat and have been absolutely delighted.  They were beyond my expectations.  I then ordered a custom bust of my father and wife.  My father passed away on January 29th, 2004.  My wife and I bought his house from our family and are now living in it where his bust is displayed.  This was a perfect tribute to him and a great way to remember him.  Jim and Robert served me above and beyond the call of duty and made sure everything went along to perfection.  I hope this will encourage others to order WishIHadThat's wonderful artworks.

Bill Hosmer
I love the busts!.  I am a very very skeptical non-trusting individual (cautious) and was so leary shopping over the internet and spending such a large amount of money and not being able to see what I was buying except for some pictures.  The crate arrived this morning and we are very busy unpacking.  The quality is just amazing!  I have no words to describe how pleased I am and how beautiful the busts are.  They are as beautiful as any museum pieces I have seen.  I only have 2 uncrated and in the house and the third will be uncrated tonight but I just wanted to say Thank You and I absolutely will be ordering a couple of pedestals and I am looking to purchase some of the paintings.  You guys sell A+ quality merchandise and I have not been as happy with anything as I am with these marble pieces.  Thanks Again!

Derrin K. Dufan - Havehill, Mass.
You can not imagine how much my wife and I enjoy turning on the pump and sitting around the pool and watching and listening to the waterfall sights and sounds...your rock, now our rock, is beautiful...all your prior advice was very helpful in helping me set it up by myself.  Thank you for the advice and for the beautiful 'rock'.

Jim and Diana Workman - So. Carolina
Thanks for the answers I was needing! You told me just what we need to get ready for the fountain and your expedience was awesome! I really appreciate doing business with a company such as your!! Thank you.

Deb Baldwin-Betty
We received our Slate Wall Fountain about 2 weeks ago. We really enjoy the fountain and thank you for the siphon pump. It has made the job of changing the water much easier. I just wanted to say thank you for your help, advice, and generosity. Thanks again for your incredible customer service. We really appreciated not having an automated service to answer our questions and concerns.

Joe Kershner
Thanks, Jim. Your customer service is one that one sees all too rarely these days. I was in retail for 20 years for a company that truly enjoyed customer service and it is nice to see there are still some of you out there. I will certainly pass on my positive experience with your company and look forward to ordering with you again. Thank you!

Diane Higgins