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Ceiling Dome Installation

Please Note: The dimensions for the dome installation instructions are based on an older version of the dome B2003. The current dimensions of the B2003 dome are shown on the B2003 product page. The dome you choose to install will determine the appropriate dimensions for your installation.

To frame in your dome, you need to first make sure you have enough clear depth to work with above where you plan to install it. For this example, dome B2003, you will need to have a 13.6'' clear height above the surface. This will require that you frame out a box and remove any ceiling joists that are in the way (see below). You will need to cut a circular hole with an approximately 51'' diameter to accommodate the 50'' recessed area. Behind the outer ring of the dome, you will apply adhesive, and you will also use a few screws (which can be patched before painting).

Some of the larger domes (but not all) have anchoring brackets built into the back where wires can be attached to the dome and anchored to the roof rafters for additional support. If you are using the dome in a drop in ceiling where the ceiling is not providing the support for the dome then you will need to make sure to order a dome with the brackets so the roof can support its weight.

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