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Arts & Crafts Kitchen and Breakfast Nook
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Thoughts on Room Design:

Emphasizing simplicity and function, this Arts & Crafts style kitchen/breakfast nook exudes good taste and avoids ostentatious display characteristic of the Victorian style. With a slight departure from true Crafts style homes, this open-air floor plan offers a large, spacious kitchen while keeping true to the spirit of Craftsman proportions.

It's the natural hand-crafted elements that offer the look that is truly Americana - warm carmel walnut hardwood floors, colonial maple wood cabinets, river stone fireplace surround. But, to me, the conversation piece of this home is the grand staircase with the beautifully polished hand rails and spindle balustrade and newel posts. The simple, minimalist design and decor would make the Greene Brothers proud.

Cove Molding:

Notice that the designer chose to paint the ceilings a lighter shade of taupe color than the walls and to install recessed lighting. The use of similar color tones and light in this otherwise cavernous room brings the ceiling down visually and creates shadowing which provides a sense of warmth and coziness. Trim work, such as crown molding is also used to enhance appearance. With the creative addition of decorative moulding you can create shadows and ambiance that transform your house into a real show piece that is reminiscent of the detail, character, and craftsmanship of the Arts & Crafts era. To achieve the proportion and balanced look seen here, I would suggest a large cove molding like our AB156 7-1/4" Cove Molding.

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Consider that the baseboard you choose will set the stage for the rest of your trimwork. Your baseboard is also most likely the most visible and noticeable piece of trimwork. So,if your baseboards are out of proportion to the rest of the room or if the style doesn't match the rest of the decor, you will not be happy with your results. So, to maintain the proper visual effect for your craftsman style house, your baseboard should be large to match the proportion of the crown. I suggest our largest basetrim - ET-8906 Baseboard.

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Door Trim:

Clean lines and balanced proportions are the key ingredients of the Arts & Crafts movement. Craftsman style has no specific rules for door trim except the need to keep the dimensions proportional to the room they're in and the design simple. So, for this large room, I suggest the ET-8719 Door Trim Molding.

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Use our ED-4817 Plinth Blocks where the door trim meets the baseboard to add decorative detail to the room.

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