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Cathedral Ceiling Livingroom
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Picture: Design Image Szczerba-17

Thoughts on Room Design:

If you have taken the opportunity to peruse the Wish I Had That Design Gallery, you are probably already familiar with the work of Igor Szczerba. With over 10 years of experience under his belt, Igor Szczerba has chalked up more frequent flier miles with Wish I Had That than the President chalks up on Air Force I. And the thing is, we never know how his projects are going to turn out - only he knows. His creative use of Wish I Had That products is amazing. And this room is no exception.

With the ultra-high ceilings to work with, Szczerba had to try something to bring warmth and coziness to this room - and he succeeded. With roasted walnut colored leather recliner sectional seating, golden Dijon walls with burnt sienna contrasts and warm-toned Persian-style rug, warmth exists in this room that could have easily ended up being large, cold and cavernous.

Tray Ceiling:

The basic purpose of a tray ceiling is to break up ordinary ceiling and wall lines and to bring variation in height creating interesting visual effects. Extended height can be created by adding different levels calling attention to a centerpiece object such as the fireplace in this room.

Paint color is one way to enhance a tray ceiling. For instance, by painting the tray ceiling a few shades darker than the main wall color you can make make it appear even more recessed and give it a deeper stronger contrast.

A nice frame molding around this large tray ceiling adds a dramatic and beautiful feature. In this case, use our ET-8617 Egg & Dart Case Molding with Matching Corners. The style of your tray ceiling is completely adaptable to your own décor and design goals. So, have fun. Go crazy. Raise the Roof!

Window and Door Frames:

Use our AD311 Door and Window Molding around your standard portals. With its sleek 3.4" profile, it will add a nice trim without being overwhelming. This molding, composed of high density polyurethane, is versatile, light wight and easy to use. You can cut, trim, sand, miter, nail our molding just as you would pinewood moldings.

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Extended Arch Windows:

An extended arch window is a beautiful addition to almost any room whether you are going for a contemporary or traditional look. Arched windows sport a distinctive overhead curve which can be difficult to trim so will take a little more work. But, the results are worth it. In many cases, you can use a pre-molded arch molding such as our ER-8752-200 Pre-molded Arch Molding. With a 34.2 inside radius, this molding would trim a rather large window.

Arch Moldings are Available in Many Sizes and Designs

But, this room, has at least 3 - 45" radius (90" diameter) extended arch or "eyebrow" windows along the wall above the entry door. You could spend literally hundreds of dollars having an arch molding custom made for your window. But there is a much less expensive solution for those really large eyebrow windows - DIY (Do it Yourself)! How? Use one of our moldings like AD311 Door and Window Trim and make your own. Use our ED-4815 Rossettes as a transition between the Arch and Box frame to add a subtle touch.

Turn an Inflexible Molding into an Arch Molding

Wall Frames:

Wall frames have been used in this room to give an intense, three-dimensional effect. By utilizing different types of wall frames, you can add varying depths and densities with very dramatic results. For instance, by using our ET-8711 Half Round, or Astragal, molding on the walls by the fireplace, the designer creates a "double frame" wall frame and paints between the frame with a light shade to bring a 3-D effect to the frame. By making more traditional single frames under the cathedral arch windows, the walls flow from floor to ceiling with a consistent motif.

The angeled wall frames in the stairwell bring a traditional elegance which also ties the stairs to the rest of the room. Use the same AD311 Molding as a cap to the wall frames as a transition between the wall frames and the wall to add a finished, complete look that complements your door and window frames.

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Cap or Crosshead Molding:

To really add a dramatic touch to a wall, mirror or threshold, create a cap or crosshead using one of our crown moldings. Here, the designer used one of our ET-88274WG 6-1/2" Crown Molding. With over 200 Crown Moldings - 30 pre-finished and ready to install - we have the design and size for your decorating project. Add elegance and flair to your wall with one of our Gold Foil Wall Decorations such as GF2093 or GF5007 from our Exclusive Regal Collection as seen here.

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