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Contemporary Kitchen Design
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CM-1027 Crown Molding
Price: $16.95
CM-1027 Crown Molding
4-3/16" Crown Molding
2-3/4" H x 3-1/8" W x 94.5'' Long
Commonly used with 8'-9' Ceilings
Delivery Time: 1-5 Business Days
WR-9054 Molding
Regularly: $10.99
Price: $9.60
You Save: $1.39 (13 %)
WR-9054 Molding
1.7'' H x 0.6'' W
96'' long
Delivery Time: 3-7 Business Days

Thoughts on Room Design:

There is a growing trend these days toward more plain, open floor plans which can leave your walls lacking character: large cavernous spaces with no real defined end of one room to the beginning of the next. For instance, in my home there's the kitchen that opens into the dining room and then the dining room opens into the living room on one side and the game room on the other making one very large grand room. With all that space, it drastically reduces the amount of wall space which in turn limits your options for decorating. No walls to hang pictures or artwork.

So what's a decorating guru to do?

Well, even with limited decorating options, we at Wish I Had That feel your pain. So, when you are tethered with large open spaces and there is no room to go up, how about trim? You can install or upgrade the trim in your large expansive rooms for as low as $1.26 a linear foot! So, now you know - the best value for your redecorating dollar is trim.

Did you know: Trim is the best way to enhance the appearance of your home without major overhaul?

Crown Molding:

When it comes to enhancing your trim work, why not start at the top? Installing crown molding at the top of your walls is a great way to enhance this open space kitchen. Our AB104 plain crown molding is a nice, simple molding that will work on most standard height ceilings. If you are dealing with a large room, use the same molding to trim all the walls and bring symmetry and uniformity to your home.

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Window Trim:

The trim surrounding a window is referred to as window "casing". The right casing added to your window will create a finished look that gives your room charm. The type of window casing that you choose will have a great impact on the appearance of your room. While standard casings are ideal for rooms that do not need additional embellishing, more elaborate casings are perfect for a more formal, classic design appearance. Use a casing like our AD334 Case Molding to add a simple, contemporary appeal to your windows.

Tip: Traditionally, to make the window casings stand out, apply a coat of bright white paint.

Window Stools:

The difference between adding molding around a door and a window is that your windows have a fourth side to trim. The most common way of trimming the window is with a window stool, or sill as the bottom side of the window trim. The window stool extends out creating a small shelf. To create the window stool shown here, use our AD321E Molding.

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The cabinetry in your kitchen can make a big impact on the overall appearance. But, cabinet replacement or re-facing can run literally thousands of dollars! With a little elbow grease and imagination, plain cabinets can be dressed up by adding molding and decorative embellishments to the cabinet doors. Don't replace: REFURBISH!

Wish I Had That offers over 150 varieties of moldings that only require some glue and a little finishing to bring new life to your boring cabinets. Use a molding like our ET-8714 molding to give a finely milled appearance to your cabinets and drawers. Or, step outside the box and pick one that appeals to you. With so many choices, you don't have to sacrifice style or functionality.

Did you know: Cabinet trim will cost less than new cabinets and revive those usable cabinet carcases?

Tip: Getting the moldings to seem integrated into the cabinets will be the key to your successful refurbishing project. The moldings themselves can be as plain or fancy as you wish, from narrow strips applied along edges to more elaborate moldings on each door and drawer. Typically, you are going to want to caulk to hide the gap between the surface and molding, followed by a finish coat of paint.
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