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Tripartite Wall and Picture Frame
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Picture: Design Image Szczerba-11

Thoughts on Room Design:

In Act II Scene VII of William Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice, the Prince of Morocco is credited with expressing, "All that glisters is not gold." A common interpretation of this goes back to the days of panning for gold. Pyrite, or fool's gold glistens, or glitters, more than actual gold does in its raw form.

So much more is it in the case of this room. The beautiful polished brass and cut crystal globe of the wall mounted light fixture has a luster that does, truly, glister. When complemented with the goldenrod field of this tripartite wall, our space is transformed from an ordinary, bland wall to a warm, cozy home.


Essential to the creation of our tripartite wall is Wainscoting. Wainscoting is a border or panel which covers the lower portion, or dado, of your wall. Wainscoting instantly adds character, style and a sense of warmth to your home. Use our ET-8716 Molding to enhance the architectural decor of any room.

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Chair Rail:

Cap off the dado of your tripartite wall with the same ET-8719 Molding as you used on the wainscot to add continuity and flow to your wall.

Light Fixture "Picture Frame":

Create a nice border "picture frame" around your wall sconce light fixture with our ET-8716 Molding. Using very simple miter cuts, you can create your frame in the polygonal shape of your choice. Create a square, a hexagon. or, if you so desire, the octagonal frame shown here.
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