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Rococo Fireplace Design
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Thoughts on Room Design:

Perhaps you are a person with a penchant for the posh. Perhaps not. Regardless. One can hardly argue that this room is anything short of palatial.

This room features elements reminiscent of the Rococo styling of Louis XV. Designed for comfort and the glorification of beautiful women, this room bears a romantic, sensuous look. Not unlike that of the finer gender, curves are the prevailing elements in the Louis XV design - delicate curved legs, curved poised backs and soft curved seats.

The Rococo period incorporated smaller, softer and more delicate designs bringing life to soft maple wood floor surfaces covered with a rose-vine patterned area rug, matching Chippendale settee and arm chair. Truly, a room fit for royalty.

Gilded Wall Moldings:

Chinoiserie, the fascination with Chinese motifs, captivated the French during the Rococo period. Everything was elaborately decorated with intricate ornamentation and gold gilt. Ormolu gilded wall moldings found rise in popularity in the 18th century; but, the ormolu fire-gilding process was outlawed in the early 19th century due to the exposure to poisonous mercury fumes. So, if you would like to capture the look and feel of Chinese Ormolu today, without the fear of mercury leeching, try our WR-9139 painted gold casings.

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