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Bedroom Design
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Picture: Design Image DG1785067

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CM-5011 Crown Molding
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9'' H x 4.75'' W x 94.5'' Long
Delivery Time: 1-5 Business Days
WR-9139 Molding
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WR-9139 Molding
1.6'' H x 0.6'' W
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BB-9750 Baseboard
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DM-8040 Door Molding
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DM-8040 Door Molding
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Delivery Time: 3-7 Business Days

Thoughts on Room Design:

This bedroom is a stunning example of what you can create using good design while incorporating multiple types of architectural products. Although no ornate moldings were used in the design of this room, the creative application of the various simple elements- combined with plush furnishings and soft colors- resulted in a room as beautiful as a slice of wedding cake.

Crown Molding:

The soffits in this room were accented nicely by a crown similar to CM-5011. The lower soffits were ended to the right and left of the window using a return back to the wall (View Tutorial on Creating Returns). The second level and top level of crown (not seen in this picture) extend around the entire perimiter of the room.

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Door Casings:

The door casings in this room were created with 3 lengths of molding similar to our DM-8040, capped by two rosettes on the sides and plinth blocks below. The door casings are just one more feature that give this room a polished look.

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Chair Rail:

Chair rail is rarely used for its practical purpose (keeping marks off of the wall from the backs of chairs). It is more commonly used as seen in this room as a horizontal divider that breaks up the wall and gives the room a more stately feel.

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Panel Molding:

Inside the boxes that are on the wall you can see a wallpaper that is slightly darker than the paint that is outside the boxes. The similar color of the wallpaper and paint give the walls a softer look, while the boxes elegantly frame this subtle contrast. This type of box is easy to install and the most popular molding for this type of project is the WR-9139.

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A baseboard similar to our ET-8906 was used, perfectly finishing these well dressed walls.

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