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Dining Room Design
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Picture: Design Image DG3432514

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BB-9795 Baseboard
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Thoughts on Room Design:

The following design elements set the stage for this cozy, autumn-inspired dining room. The color of the wall goes perfectly with the wreaths and other nature inspired decorative pieces. The formal dining table adds elegance and also goes well with this theme. Looking closer you will also notice the window valance hanging just above the chair rail, drawing the viewers eye to the excellent architectural design of the room. This room is beautiful enough for a Thanksgiving feast yet maintains a casual feel for everyday family meals.

Chair Rail:

This room is a great example of chair rail being used as a design feature versus the practical means of protecting the wall. A chair rail similar to the ET8730 is used for this purpose. Notice how the chair rail is installed at a height that is taller than the chair that is backed up against the wall. This further accents the prominent role that the chair rail plays in the design of this room.

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Panel Molding:

This room wouldn't be nearly as charming if you took away the panel molding. If you are going to do chair rail with a nice baseboard, it would be in best taste to use panel molding. This serves as a union for the two elements while giving the room a more complete look. It is easy to install so consider using a panel molding like the popular AD318 to complete your dining room project.

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If you are taking the time to install a casing and panel molding in your dining room make sure you upgrade your baseboards to a size that matches the rest of the project. In this case something in the 4" range like the ET8904 is a perfect baseboard to complement the casing and panel molding.

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