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CM-1001 Crown Molding
Price: $21.95
CM-1001 Crown Molding
5-1/2" Crown Molding
3.9'' H x 3.9'' W x 94.5'' Long
Commonly used with 9'-10' Ceilings
Delivery Time: 1-5 Business Days

Adding a cornice to a coffered ceiling creates a great dimension of detail. A flex molding (AB108 Flex Molding) is used for the advanced bends on this ceiling, and a matching regular molding (AB108 Crown Molding) is used for the straight areas. If the bends on your coffered ceiling aren't very advanced, the regular AB108 molding can be used because it is slightly flexible and can be installed in a flexed state.

The face of the coffer has a second molding that trims the edge. To acheive this decor, you'll use ET-8765 Molding. To find out how to arch the ET-8765 molding, since it is not a "flex molding" watch the video below.

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