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Dining Room
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Picture: Design Image DG6385142

Thoughts on Room Design:

This dining room defines delicacy with its soft champagne tones and plush white carpet. The simple white crown molding used within the tray ceiling draws attention to its beauty. In painting the ceiling the same color as the walls, this room is given a warm embraced feel. The chandelier adds to the ambiance by giving the room a soft glow, while the ornate ceiling medallion establishes this area as an elegant focal point of the room. The chair rail and paneling on the lower walls exude the classic charm that every dining room should be.

Crown Molding:

A mid-sized crown such as the ET8516 outlines the tray ceiling.

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Chair Rail:

A chair rail similar to the AD311 was used to create an attractive point of separation between the paneling and upper walls.

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Panel Molding:

For the wall boxes, a thin flat molding such as the ET8711 was used.

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A common sized baseboard similar to the ET8904 is all that was needed to complete these paneled walls.

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Ceiling Medallion:

An ornate medallion similar to the EM0662 beautifully finishes off this tray ceiling.

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