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How to Install Crown MoldingCrown Moulding

How to Install Crown Molding

What? You've never installed crown moulding before? Don't worry, we'll walk you through the process. Take a look at the Installing Crown Moulding section for help!

Our polyurethane mouldings are installed very similarly to traditional types of mouldings. All of the cuts are the same. The polyurethane adhesive should be beaded along the touching edges of the wall/ceiling and between joints, and then a few small nails will hold the moulding in place while the adhesive sets. Learn how to install crown molding.

Ceiling DomesPolyurethane

We have a lot of customers ask, "What is your moulding made of?" And we reply "Polyurethane" or "a hard foam" and the customers say "oh, ok" while thinking to themselves "hard foam" sounds like an oxymoron.

Get a full look at why Polyurethane Mouldings are the right material for your project.

Ceiling DomesMeasuring For Mouldings

You’ve found the perfect moulding for your project but you’re unsure of how much to get. What about the corners, how much gets wasted? Head over to the “Measuring Mouldings” to help make this task easier.

Measuring Mouldings

Finishing Tips and Video on Faux Finishing

Your architectural d├ęcor is delivered with a coat of primer already applied. Quality finishes are a product of following good technique and patience during the process. There is nothing worse than hurrying through a project only to have the very last step cause you problems. Take a look at our Finishing Tips for useful suggestions and solutions to common problems. We also have a video up demonstrating a simple but effective faux finishing technique.

Stainable Resin Products

Our Stainable Resin products are fully stainable (or painted/faux finished). They are cast from heavy-duty polymers with molds made from actual carvings with wood grain impressions to give you all the beauty of a stained wood finish, but at half the cost of carved wood. Unlike natural wood, cast resins will not absorb moisture, dry out, crack, rot, warp, and are impervious to insects.

CLICK HERE for tips on working with our Cast Resin products.

How to Install a Ceiling Medallion

Polyurethane Ceiling MedallionsOur versatile ceiling medallions can make a plain room extraordinary with just a little work. But wait, the medallion you want doesn’t have a hole for your ceiling fan. Don’t worry, we’ve gotcha covered.

Ceiling Medallion FAQ's

Ceiling Medallion Installation Start to Finish - Standard installation of a typical ceiling medallion with a ceiling fan.

Two Piece Ceiling Medallion Installation - Installation method of cutting the medallion in 2 parts and assembling around the fixture in place. Useful when you have a large heavy fixture that is impractical to remove.

Printable Instructions
Ceiling medallions share a similar installation process with our wall décor but previsions must be made for the inclusion of a lighting fixture or ceiling fan. These instructions cover the basics of installation as well as some useful tips for locating the medallion.

Ceiling Medallion Instructions (PDF 80k)

Ceiling DomesArched Window & Door Installation

Those brand new dual pain arched windows look and perform awesome. You just love them! Except the manufacturers trim doesn't match anything in the house. We have a solution. One is simple and one a little more complex.

The first step is determining if you have an arch or a semi-circle. This section will help you determine the next step.

Arch Windows: Determine the Radius of the Molding

Your Back!
So either your window or door isn't a semi-circle, or we don't have Arched Moldings that fit the dimensions you need. Don't worry, we have you covered. This is where it gets a little tricky, but is not hard at all.

Both of these methods are essentially the same with the big change being how the arched molding intersects with the vertical molding.

Arch Trim: How to Install Molding on an Archway (Semi-Circle)
Installing an Arch Molding (Not a semi-circle)

Ceiling DomesDome Installation

Large Ceiling DomesYou just received your brand new ceiling dome. You know exactly where you want it to go but what now?

Ceiling Dome installation

Printable Instructions

Installation of any of our polyurethane ceiling domes is classified as very difficult. There must be vertical clearance above the dome area and this may require extensive modification to existing structures. We recommend contacting a local contractor for installation of our domes. It is the responsibility of the owner to insure compliance to local building codes. New construction or extensive remodels are perfect candidates for the installation of our domes.
Ceiling Dome Instructions (PDF 65k)

Ceiling DomesFountain Maintenance

Fountains are a beautiful addition to any environment but like anything mechanical they need special care and maintenance to keep them running their best. We have a entire page devoted to fountain maintenance and up keep.

General Fountain Upkeep

Click Here for the Fountain Maintenance Page