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 Photos from the Jim & Ginger Welch Family  
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Steve & Verna Groves came to Louisville for a 2-week visit starting May 21st and left June 4th.  We had a great time, and spent almost a week going to Gettysburg, Washington DC, and home through Virginia where we spent the night in Charlottesville and visited Jefferson's Monticello.  Back in Louisville, we took them to such highlights as Churchill Downs Museum, Louisville Slugger Museum / Factory, did a lot of driving around seeing homes...and finally launched our pontoon on Taylorsville lake.  A great visit with great friends!

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(These are all 900 pixel to load, then click again to expand. Close window to return to this page for more!) Our driving
1200 miles:

Arriving on May 21st...relaxed a day, then set out on our Road trip May 23 through 27th
Gettysburg was much more than we all even imagined...well worth the trip!
Museum parking from lots of states!                                             Inside the museum
The cyclorama...fantastic!   You can read about it here!                          Gettysburg Memorial Cemetery
Next, we headed for Washington DC, where we stayed at the Fairfield Hotel just inside Chinatown, got two day passes on the double-decker sightseeing tour, and walked and cruised our way around the sites. We visited all the best monuments, but feel they are more beautiful at night...for that, we got in the Navigator and stayed out until after midnight.  Monuments are lit up and open 24/7!  

  Next, came a visit to Arlington National Cemetery and some of the museums: 


 Ford's Theatre was just 2 blocks from our hotel.  For those not familiar...this is where President Lincoln
was assassinated, dying in a boarding house just across the street from the theatre.

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DC at night...magnificent!
DC via Google Earth...
kind of cool!
The last day, we headed for a visit to Mount Vernon and visited the Washington home, then headed south and lucked out as our trip home took us through Charlottesville, VA.  There, we were able to visit Jefferson's Monticello home...I think we all liked it better than Washington's Mt. Vernon.
Monticello...and Charlottesville, VA is very pretty!


Once back in Louisville, we hit some of the local sights...
and the water!  What fun the pontoon is going to be, 
and it ran great!

Next came Churchill Downs Museum...a great couple of hours, even if you're not into horse racing!            
Louisville Slugger Museum                              Bass Pro Visit - Picnic on the Ohio - Cave Hill Cemetery
  The day before they left, we all took a nice stroll though Anchorage Park...
what a beautiful setting for taking pictures! 

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