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 Photos from the Jim & Ginger Welch Family  
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Cousin Camp 2001 - June 30 to July 16
Steve & Aimee, Zach, Graham, Thad, and Caleb came from Maryland and Robert and Nathan came from California.  After a nice several-day visit with the big people, the cousins (with the exception of Caleb) all stayed behind for another two week visit.  Here are some of the pics from our adventures! 

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Robert & Nathan arrived a day earlier, so we
took the pontoon out to the lake.
Happy belated Birthday to Papa!  Steve & Aimee brought a Graeter's Ice Cream Cake! 
Aimee and Caleb visited old friends while the rest of us headed to Taylorsville Lake and
had a great time playing in the water...what fun that was! Although we took the boys out
a few more times, these were the photos that stood out!
The next day, we all headed to Anchorage Park for a photo shoot
Anchorage Park photo shoot
Driving the
4 boys in the tub
Pillow fights in the
 Jungle Room
A late fireworks show - July 6th 
Swimming (several days)
Just hangin' out
Art Sparks - July 8, 2001
More Art Sparks pics
More Art Sparks

Bowling Fun




Visit to BassPro Shop 

Sprinkler Games
Silly inside stuff
Nathan and Graham flying!
Zack flying
Water Spray Park (couple of days doing this...the kids loved this activity!
More Spray park & Playground
Regular BINGO games!
The final night treats and
then saying goodbye to
Cousin Camp.  

I hope you all enjoy the
photos as much as we
enjoyed having the boys! 

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