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 Photos from the Jim & Ginger Welch Family  
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July 19 - August 2, 2011 in California

We flew back to California for a quick two-week visit from July 19th to August 2nd. These are some of the photos from that time.  Spent several days with Rob & Family, and Phil & Melanie came up to PMC for a nice visit for a weekend as well.  Nice dinners with Steve & Verna, Ruben & Lydia (sorry, no photos of us eating!).

Frank had heart surgery, and about a week later Ginger and I met Frank and Judy over at their motor home parked at the coast, then went to Avila Beach for a nice dinner on the Pier...nice time and food! It was his first excursion since his stay in the hospital...tired him out pretty good!

The last pictures are of Melanie from her professional photo shoot.  Phillip had given me a copy of the shots, and I thought I'd compile just a few of them.  Great photos of Melanie...looking good! 

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At Robert's House
Pine Mountain Club Park
More Park Photos
Feedin' the
A weekend at the cabin
Swimming & lunch at
the PMC pool...sans Robert
Dinner with Frank & Judy
at Avila Pier...and whale watching!
Compiled from some of the
photos from Melanie's
professional sitting

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