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 Photos from the Jim & Ginger Welch Family  
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March 1, 2012 - Back to Louisville

During our trip back, tornados ripped up towns such as Branson, MO, Marysville, IN, West Liberty, KY, etc.   A bad series of tornados, to be sure.  Our area was not hit, so we are grateful for that!
Marysville, IN       West Liberty, KY      Tornado damages to Branson

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We arrived back "home" after the 2230 mile trip in the trailer the afternoon of March 4th after leaving Bakersfield at 7:30am on the 1st...a fast and exhausting road trip!  I didn't take a single picture along the way and drove 580 miles on the 1st, 676 miles on the 2nd, 576 miles on the 3rd, and the final 300 on the 4th.   After unloading the trailer and dumping all that into the house, we cleaned up, went out to dinner, and relaxed.  That night, a snowfall of about 6" during the night (the largest snowfall of the season here!) covered the was beautiful!  

We took pictures of and around the house, then took a slow drive through the Anchorage area as seen below - it was absolutely beautiful!  Basically, everything looked black and white (course, I looked for those shots!).  Came back home and put everything up and got back into "normal".  As I write this on March 6th at 11am in Louisville, the sun is shining bright, the snow has half melted, and we're getting back to normal.  Robert flies in on the 13th so we can get our new building and the warehouse will start moving here shortly thereafter...a long process!  

 Good friends Duane & Linda Chatlain came down to spend a few days with us and go to the 2012 Mid-America Truck Show.  We went on march 21st...this show is huge!  Had a great time and saw some absolutely beautiful trucks. 



More truck images 
from the Truck show



Tonight, March 23rd, around 6pm we had a large storm system come through,,,rained very hard!  More tornado activity touching down about 10 miles from us destroyed a couple of houses, but fortunately no injuries reported. 


In the month of April, Ginger and I are hosting Thad, Graham, and Zach
...each alone and for a private week!
I will post pictures as I complete them...

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  The next 14 are from our visit to the Louisville Zoo




We had a wonderful visit with Thad...he's growing up so fast!

Graham was next:




The Zip Line was a hit with all 3 boys!

                                                         Enjoying the lake              A good workout!!   


Graham had a great visit...I didn't take
as many pics...but we did nore fun stuff!

 Zach's turn:


          Zipping           ...and playing catch
    Fun at the lake


We drove up to see the Cincinnati Reds beat the Giants...but the Giants won.  Zack was happy, Papa was not so happy.  But, we had a great time and great seats! 

After the game, we were going to take the tour of the cathedral in Covington, KY that is billed as somewhat of a replica of Notre Dame and is said to have the largest stained glass window in the world.   

Aimee was kind enough to send photos of Zach's trip to Goddard Space Center, so I complied them, too.

These 3 weeks have been really fun for the boys and for us!  See you guys again at Cousin Camp!

Unfortunately, we were 15 minutes too late!