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 Photos from the Jim & Ginger Welch Family  
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Please, if any family members or friends have photos involving my family members that you would allow me compile and post, I'd love to add them! Just email them (or their target page) to me at  Be creative and send me the images...I'd love to fit them in to share!

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Note:  This is 2011, but I just posted some older photos from 
2008 & 2010 - visit
Family - 2005 to 2009 

Family Activity Photos - 2011 - 2012:

Posted October 2012 - Catching Up

March, 2012  - Back to Louisville

Nov 14, 2011 - February 29, 2012   time in CA and Branson
Oct - Nov in Louisville and in Gaithersburg, MD
with Steve & Fam & Breeder's Cup
The Move - August - Sept 2011
Purchased a new house back on June 16th and closed late July.  Here is what we've done to it since.
Website for Louisville home

Back home in California -  July 19 to August 2, 2011

Two weeks activities in California

 Cousin Camp - June 30 to July 16, 2011
This was a very fun two weeks!
Steve and Verna Groves visit May 21-June 4, 2011 

Steve & Verna flew in from CA and spent two weeks here with us from May 21st until June 4th.  To see the photos of our trip with them to Gettysburg, Washington DC...and everything else we above.
Trip to Outer Banks, May 10-16, 2011
Flew into Greensboro, NC and drove over to and down the outer banks clear down to
Myrtle Beach, SC.  Great trip!  
Easter Week spent at Steve & Aimee's - April 20-26, 2011
Drove over to spend most of Easter week with Steve & Family.  Bought a pontoon
boat along the way (we'd been looking for one for awhile)

Newport Beach/ Knott's Berry Farm  - March 3-11, 2011
Spent several months in CA - including a great week at Newport Beach sharing a
vacation home with Rob & Ash.  Phil & Melanie and others came for day visits as well! 
Misc Bak/PMC - 12-7, 2010 through 3-22, 2011
Here are some of the pics taken at PMC and in the snow.  Also Wishihadthat Condor's Game and various other items.  Also, photos from Christmas 2010 coming soon.

Misc Photos - otherwise unattached to above events:

Owen Joshua Welch  
Born on 12-16-10
Congrats, Rob & Ashleah!

I'm way behind on posting our older family photos.  Here's an old one! 
Me and little sis Janet in 1980!

HALF my life ago!
Someday, I'll dig out those old photos!

Caleb Lewis Welch 
Born on 2-5-11
Congrats, Steve & Aimee

Flowers from the Carol James Garden

Here are some sweet kids!

Baxter's Collar Days  



Happy Birthday to me!
40th Anniversary Dinner                Teaching Ginger to drive! New place in Louisville

Started driving the trailer back to KY on March 22, 2011
Since we arrived in Louisville on March 28th, we have had LOTS of rain!  April was the wettest April on record, with over 14".  That sounds bad, but most of the rain occurs at night, and more than half of the days have been great.  In April, we traveled to visit Steve & Aimee in Maryland, and bought a pontoon.  
(These are all 900-1000 pixel wide...after it loads, click again to expand, then close window to return here)
Same route as
last June
The ONLY pics I took on the way
The dogs are cowards!
Record rainfall in April...14+"
...the reason it's so green!
Ginger and I drove out to Taylorsville Lake on 5-5-2011 (where we intend to
launch the pontoon)'s flooded 46' over "summer pool" levels.  No boating for awhile, but I'm sure there will be plenty of photos later.
Baxter & Sadie during their
Easter stay at the kennels
Robert just sent in some 
shots from their Easter - Thanks!
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Easter Week was spent at Steve & Aimee's house in Gaithersburg.
Bought a pontoon boat along the way in Parkersburg, WV!


We drove to Gaithersburg, MD to visit at
Steve & Aimee's during Easter Week.  

On the way, we bought a Pontoon Boat! Hey, it's been raining hard!

I know...we're crazy!...but, it
should be fun!
The boys have a great backyard - great for hunting worms!

Thad showing me the flowers
Graham's BD present
Dying Easter Eggs
Getting ready for the hunt...
...and it's on!
All eggs on board!
The boys get a painting lesson
The day we left, we spent the morning at a great park
located about 10 miles from the house.  What fun!
Leaving the park and MD

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Newport Beach / Knott's Berry Farm March 3-11, 2011
We spent 3 1/2 months in California, and back to Louisviille as of March 27, 2011.  Here are some of the events that took place while in California: 

One of the really fun things we did was share a week at a nice bay-front home in Newport Beach with Rob & Ashleah and Nathan, Samantha, & Owen.  Several times, Phillip & Melanie came over, as well as Jessica (Ashleah's twin sister) and her husband, Joel.  Great time!
Our home for the week The whole gang

Night Views from the deck
           Cruising Newport Bay around Balboa and Lido Islands
Now, THESE are expensive homes! After the cruise Last night - Joe's Crab Shack
One of the days, Rob and I took Nathan to Knott's Berry Farm...had a great time in a largely deserted park- Lot's of smiles!
It's nice at the park when it's almost as if the park is open just for you!  Absolutely no waiting in line...
in many cases, just stay seated for another ride without even getting off! 

It had been years since I'd visited this's grow up a little, and has some really good rides!  
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Misc pics from Bak /PMC during Dec-Mar, 2011 stay:
Loading soon:

Christmas Card

Our neighbors sent us these photos of the snow...we left the day before this 3' snowfall!
March 11, 2011 - Wishihadthat Employee Night at 
Bakersfield Condors Game
March 22nd -
Snow at PMC
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