Order ALL Portraits or Custom Requests Here - Available in 7 sizes
Order ALL Portraits or Custom Requests Here - Available in 7 sizesPortraits - Order Page
Custom painted - allow 30-45 days
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Product Description

Premium Quality Portraits and Custom Requests can be painted from your digital images. Us this page for ordering. Email your image(s) in the largest format you can (don't resize them into small images...leave them as large as possible!) Email them to sales@wishihadthat.com and be sure to include your contact information or your order number (assigned after your Checkout)

Enter specifics for each painting separately, hit Buy button to place in the cart, then enter other Portrait requests, continue shopping other product departments, or hit check out to complete your order.

Portraits available in 7 sizes from 12" x 16" up to 48" x 72".

Stretching and custom framing available only when ordering 7 or more paintings (can be mixed among departments)...otherwise your paintings will be be completed, cured, and rolled in a heavy-duty shipping tube and sent Airmail from our studio in China.

Please allow 30-45 days for this process.

If your portrait has more than one figure, be it animal or persons, there is a surcharge for the painting. Please select from the menu above.

* If you are requesting a custom alteration utilizing any other image (painting your face on the Mona Lisa, painted into a picture of a President, painted into a safari scene, etc.) then you will need to provide us with a minimum of two images...ones showing you or whatever we are to add, and the "base" image (the Mona Lisa, a hunting sceen, etc.)we will be using. Please provide as much detail information as you can in the Box #2 above. The better you describe your wiwes, the better your painting will come out!

Once you receive your painting, we recommend that you have it stretched as soon as possible (framing can then be done later).

Wishihadthat contracts with the finest reproduction studio in China, and the quality is guaranteed. Custom requests and portraits are not shipped until you receive an email from us showing you the completed work...if you're not satisfied and it needs to be touched up, that's not a problem. We'll have it done until you like the results, although approval cannot be unrealistically withheld on custom orders. In the event you do not give final approval, there is a 30% cancellation fee. However, our experience shows, and I believe the examples back that up, that the studio uses only the finest senior artists for these projects, and our customers have been extremely satisfied with the results.

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