Our Ceiling Medallions come primed and ready to paint. Below are a few examples of custom painted medallions sent to us by our customers. With a little time and patience you too can create a unique masterpiece.

Installing a ceiling medallion above your chandelier, ceiling fan, or lighting fixture is a great way to enhance the beauty of your ceiling and add value to your home. These ceiling medallions are designed from polyurethane, so they are lightweight and can be easily installed on your ceiling with nails or adhesive.

B3015 - Starting with a white base, metallic gold and silver were used to highlight the design of the B3015. Many art stores carry metallic pens that you can use to highlight the fine detail.

B3015- This finish was done by using a metallic gold base with brown and green washes over the top. The B3015 is a very popular medallion. It's size and design complement any room.

B3015 - Again in a different flavor. Starting with a white base, gold metallic was then hand painted over the design. Then thin layers of green and red were applied to give a slightly translucent look to the colors.

B3035 - A base of tan was laid down first and then washes of darker brown were applied to give the B3035 a rustic wood look. These finishes are easy to accomplish, you just have to try! You can always paint over it if you think you really messed up.

B3073 - A simple medallion with a amazing finish! Starting with a black base, the customer then used a sponge to add the top colors of bronze metallic and turquoise.

EM01081 - Metallic gold is the start for this finish. Then the medallion was washed with several different layers of bronze and white.

EM-0731HW - This medallion comes prefinished in an anitque bronze finish. The rich color adds warmth to the ceiling.

EM-0602WG - This medallion is prefinished in this white with gold highlights finish. The gold has a hint of copper tone in it. To see all pieces with similar colors view our Gold Finish section.

Visit our complete line of ceiling medallions. With over 100 designs to choose from, there is sure to be one to fit your style and budget.

We also have complete instructions from start to finish to help you get your ceiling medallion installed. Take a look at our How To Section and see how simple these medallions are to install.