Thermoform - Cutting Partial Tiles & Using Filler Tiles

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Edge Trim Tiles for Border and Partial Tiles

Virtually every installation has tiles that are not full and will be required to cut. When purchasing recessed or projected ceiling tiles you will likely need to order Edge Trim tiles for the areas in the room where there are partial tiles (smaller than 2x2). If you are ordering one of the styles pictured below they are already flat and can be used for the entire project, both as field tiles and as edge trim. If you ordered a recessed or projection tile then you will want to count the number of full tiles and order that quantity as your field tile and then count the partial tiles and determine how many Edge Trim tiles you need for those pieces. Remember that these can be cut, so if you have an area where you need a tile of less than 12" you can cut two of those partial tiles with each full tile you order.



Cutting a Recessed Tile to fit in a Partial Grid

There are certain recessed and projection tiles that you can cut to use for your entire project. For it to be used it must have been recessed parts and projection parts (areas that go up into the ceiling and parts that parts that come down into the room). An example below is with the Petal Grid Tile.

Determine partial tile size

Subtract 1/2" for fit

Cut with sharp knife / scissors

Vinyl cuts easily!

Tile without notch cuts

Mark for your notch cuts

Cut projects to 1"

  Fit notches

Finished tile...easy!