Tips on Working with Cast Resin Decor 

The following instructions will aid in youir installation of resin moldings:

1) When handling the Flex Moulding it is recommended that you support the product with both hands to avoid stress fractures or breakage. Excessive bending may result in unwanted stress fractures.

2) Our hardwood maple hybrid Mouldings may be stained using the same products that would be used on wood whether oil or water base.

3) Mouldings and ornamentation are finished with a textured Woodgrain surface and may be lightly sanded
(Please note: Wood-Grain texture is superficial - excessive sanding will destroy wood grain texture).

4) It is recommended that you prep the surface with acetone or lacquer thinner prior to staining or painting as this will remove skin oils and other surface contaminates from the molding. If this is not done, lifting and peeling of your finish may occur.

5) Install using most wood-glues, construction adhesives, or gel super glues. If you need to nail the product to secure it as the adhisive dries, pilot holes must be drilled to preven spliting.

6) (Molding) Do not over nail! Nails should be spaced a minimum of 10 inches apart and no less than 3/8 inches from any edge.

7) Pre-drill pilot holes if you are using wood-screws.

8) Do not use staple guns.

9) Do not over stress material.

10) The resin moldings can be cut, sanded or shaped using standard wood-working tools.

11) Material should be stored at temperatures between 60-80° F (16-27° C). If material is stored below 60° F (16° C), flexing could break it.

12) Lay Flex Mouldings or ornament flat in the sun or under a heating blanket prior to bending. The warmer the material, the more flexible it becomes and splitting is greatly reduced.