Precut molding Corners
Precut molding Corners Corners
Inside and Outside Corners
2-piece corners - approx. 12'' long
Usually ships in 24-48 hours
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Product Description
Are you intimidated by the thought of having to cut your corners?
We can cut corners for you out of the moulding style you are ordering and send them to you to ease the installation process. Each corner will come to you as a set of two approximately 12" pieces (may vary between 9" - 15" on decorative pieces) cut to make the specific angle you need. You will install them the same way as the rest of your moulding and will then have your corners completed without having to make any angled cuts.

Consider cutting your own corners!
Click here to learn to cut them at home!

Pricing for each precut corner:
Each corner (right & left piece) is charged at $8.00 plus 25% of the full length price of the moulding style selected. For example, if you choose a moulding that cost $20 per full length, your cost for each corner would be $13.00 ($20 x 25% = $5) + $8 (Cut Fee). The connecting ends are square cut to join easily with your moulding. Your order will initially show only the $8 cut fee. After we receive your order, we will calculate the moudling cost and add it to your order. Please note: there are no returns or exchanges on corner pieces; they are being cut specifically for your job.

Patterned Mouldings?
Please note that we do not recommend precut corners for any patterned moulding since there will be one seam on each wall where the pattern will not be continuous. The more decorative the crown, the more noticeable this will be. We highly recommend doing the corners on site if you want to avoid this!

A final note about corners:
We really encourage you to cut your own corners to avoid extra seams and to make your finished product a little cleaner. We hope you will read the instruction pages, and understand that these cuts can be made pretty easily with the right tools. Of course, we are still happy to help you by sending you precut corners, but we are also happy to provide cutting advice if you decide to try it at home!