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This collection features the rectanglular ceiling medallions from our Michelangelo Series. The medallions range in size from 47 x 63 inches to 75 x 102 inches. The relatively low profile of our rectangular ceiling medallions (ranging from 3" to 4") make them suitable for fairly low ceilings. They are built from fiberglass, pvc, and other high-impact materials giving them the strength so they will not deform with time. Best of all, we provide Free Shipping on all of our Michelangelo Series medallions.

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BRD-1324-S030-NC Michelangelo Ceiling Medallion
Price: $1,599.00
BRD-1324-S030-NC Michelangelo Ceiling Medallion
51'' x 94";
Please allow 2 Weeks for Delivery
BR-1824-S029 Michelangelo Ceiling Medallion
Price: $1,999.00
BR-1824-S029 Michelangelo Ceiling Medallion
71'' X 95'';
Please allow 2 Weeks for Delivery
Michelangelo Material Samples
Price: $1.00
Michelangelo Material Samples
Michelangelo Ceiling Medallion Material Sample 4"x8"
free shipping

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